Friday, August 01, 2008

Birfdays and Bracelets

I can't believe it's Friday already. Man, this week has flown by.

Today is Barnaby's birthday. We had dinner at my mom & dad's house with my sister & her hubby. I made a chocolate cake with bananas in the middle, which is Barnaby's favorite. Weirdo. Here it is...

What it says makes no sense so don't even try to figure it out. We were limited on letters, okay? We thought it was funny. Since I am limited as to information I can reveal here, it may not make sense to anyone who doesn't know him, but it did to us.

My mom made giant pork chops, corn on the cob, pea salad, and biscuits. I brought a broccoli casserole (Paula Deen's recipe) and the cake. She also had an angel food cake and peaches and strawberries for anybody who didn't want the weird banana & chocolate cake.

Here is Barnaby sitting at the dinner table with his b-day presents. He did not match his shirt to the wrapping paper on purpose, but it looks good, huh? He got a phone call just as I was taking the picture and was about to get up. He's on call for work, but he didn't have to leave, thank goodness. That would have sucked.

Check out that curly ponytail. I'm jealous!

I have been looking everywhere for leather bracelets like the ones I have on in this picture. The very thin and delicate ones are hard to find anywhere. I had to order the one with the silver on it that says, "Love," online, and there weren't that many to choose from there either. So...

I got the bright idea to go to Hobby Lobby and Michaels and get the stuff to make my own. I managed to get everything except the little silver charms. Neither place had any with holes on two sides for bracelets like this. I'm going to go online when I'm finished with this and try to order some if I can find them. Neither place had a How-To book for leather jewelry either, so I'll have to try and find some directions online too.

Barnaby and I just winged it the other night and sat and made four bracelets. They're okay, but not exactly right. The simpler the better as far as what I want.

My dermatologist's office called and the biopsy was benign and nothing to worry about. Woo-hoo! I get to keep my face.

My MRI results are in and I have an appointment next Wednesday with the back doctor so he can tell me what he sees. Oh, the suspense is killing me. Actuallly, it's my leg that is killing me.

We're going to try and get more video over the weekend. I've had a request to video the dogs ringing the bell for a treat, and of Fletch ringing the hanging bells at the back door to go outside.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I am so jealous of your food. I must say, you inspire me to start cooking again!
    I saw some very similar braclets at American Eagle while school shopping for my daughter. Yeah, go figure? American Eagle. Anyway, I thought they were very cool & pointed them out to Annie (daughter). She thought I should get one, and I will, after I recover from shopping for her!

  2. hint hint.... I like an 8" bracelet myself. The loose fit doesn't bug me at all!


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