Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Scabs & Bruises...Gross!

Sammi, the Cutie Pie

Abbey, the Goofie Old Woman
She WOULD NOT sit still with those glasses on. Hmpf.
Abbey had a stroke last Thursday night during her sleep. She's fine except that half of her face droops and she has no muscle strength over there. She drools out of that side of her mouth now, and she walks with her head tilted to that side most of the time. Poor thing. Rest assured that she feels fine and is not suffering in any way. I wouldn't allow that to happen...if you know what I mean. Shhhhhh!
Fletcher, the Man
This little guy is a holy terror. I hope he calms down once his nuts are cut. That was really crude of me. Sorry. I mean, I hope he calms down once he is neutered.
I think that's a crotch shot of Sammi in the background. Sorry about that too.

Last night's supper was meatloaf and Crash Potatoes. The potatoes were fantastic.
You can find the recipe HERE.

Went to the dermatologist yesterday finally. My skin is good, except for a weird place on my face on my right upper cheekbone. It's been there for a few years and is flesh-colored but raised a little bit. He took a biopsy of it. So now I have a pretty scab on my face -- ugh. How gross. He also got rid of those little red bumps on my nose. Those are not bloody or anything, and it doesn't show where he took those off. He used an electric needle thingy. I'm not sure what it was and didn't ask.

I had some kind of strange foot happening last Thursday. I got up from my desk and started to walk and had a sudden pain in the bottom of my right foot. It felt like I stepped on something really hard like a rock, and I lifted my foot to see what it was but nothing was there. I put my foot back down and started to walk again, but it hurt too bad to walk. So I sat down to inspect it closer, and watched as it slowly turned black and blue. When it stopped, I had a bruise the size of...well, just see for yourself:

I just spilled my full cup of coffee all over the living room floor. I need to go get more before I fall back to sleep.

Anyway, the foot thing...It was some kind of spontaneous blood vessel rupture, I guess. I couldn't put pressure on it or wear a shoe for a couple of days, but it went away very quickly. The bruise on top of my foot was gone in three days, but the bruise on the bottom is still faintly there today.

Both of my feet are sore, and I think it has something to do with all my floors being wood or ceramic tile now. I have really high arches, and I think it's too much hard surface for them all the time. My Aunt M.J. warned me about that when my last floors were put down. She said her feet got really bad when she replaced all her carpets with ceramic tile, and she has to wear shoes with padding all the time when she's in the house and orthodics during the day. It was causing her arches to fall and plantar fasciitis.

I know all my aches and pains are facinating. Try to tear your eyes away now because I really do need to go and get that coffee now.

I don't have any work so far today, so I'm going to go visit my mom and dad later this afternoon. There really is nothing going on around here, except the sun is boiling us all here in Texas with 110+ degree days. Who wants to do anything when it's like that outside? Not me. Oh, wait. I never want to do anything anyway. Never mind. It's just hot is all I'm sayin'.

I really am going to fall asleep if I don't go get that ... z z z z z z

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  1. Awwww... I'm so sorry to hear about Phoebe. It's so hard when you know what you know, huh? We're still missing Smokey and trying really really really hard not to get another bird.


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