Friday, July 11, 2008

Do I Look Like Dolly?

I'm going to hurriedly post these before I lose my nerve...
It's the hair I bought at the mall.

" You so pretty!"
"Men like long hair."
"Oooh, it look good. You need this one!"
Shoot! I should have put the jewelry in. Oh well. Bye!

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  1. so pretty! I probraly wouldn't use the jewelry unless it was a fancy event. We have those hair stations here in Indy too. We stopped once to look for prom accessoriess for my daughters, I couldn't believe how high they were so I dragged the girls to Claires for hair jewelry instead.
    Have fun with your hair! Annie has one from her competition cheer days, but it was shorter than her real hair, the coach wanted all the girls to have the same. It was different seeing her with "short" hair!


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