Saturday, July 26, 2008

Coffee, Clocks, Books & Shoes!

We are going to take the clock in our living room to the clock place to have it cleaned and oiled today. We bought it for our 4th wedding anniversay, although we didn't have a wedding so I guess it's really a marriage clock. We've had it for 12 years and have never had it cleaned or oiled or anything, so I figured it was time. If I can get out of there without buying another clock, we'll be lucky. I love clocks. I could be Crazy Clock Lady AND Crazy Dog Lady. In fact, for our last anniversary (#15), I wanted to get a cuckoo clock but never followed through. I had no idea that's how you spelled cuckoo clock. I always thought it was coo-coo clock. Who knew?

Anyway, the clock place is right next to Starbucks, a big book store, and a giant shoe warehouse. Man, all the things I love all on one block -- clocks, coffee, books, and shoes! I don't really want to get out in this hot weather, but I think Barnaby is getting annoyed with me for staying in the house for days on end. Picky-picky.

I want a pool, y'all. I've been thinking about it more and more lately. We got an ad in the mail Thursday from a pool company, and I stared at it for a long time. I just wonder how big of a pain in the ass it would be, and how much it would add to our electric bill. I need to do some research before I decide for sure so I can give a presentation to Barnaby telling all about it and why we need one. Don't laugh. I'm serious. He'd be more likely to go for it if I put together a PowerPoint with all the facts. Here he comes. I have to go before he reads this.


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  1. How cool! I'm a clock lover too! Did you know I have the Gold Star Milk and Ice Cream advertising clock from Granny and Pa Paw's store? Now I know who to "will" it to! ha ha!

    About the pool.... just know that they are really expensive to fill with water. There has been some improvement in pumps so they don't use as much energy but I don't know how much it would add to your electric bill each month. Also, you'll probably end up having to hire a "pool guy" to keep it clean and keep the chemicals in balance.

    I'm not sure what your freezing weather would do to the pool surface either, so good idea for you to maybe even talk to someone who actually has a pool in your area.


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