Thursday, July 03, 2008

4th Plans

I told Barnaby yesterday that I plan on spending most of the holiday weekend in my rocking chair on the back porch, starting tomorrow morning or maybe today if I don't get any work in. It's going to be hot, but hopefully there'll be a breeze. It should be in the mid-70s in the mornings, and that's pretty comfortable for coffee and breakfast on the porch. There will definitely be lots of iced tea and the least amount of clothes possible later in the afternoons. I have a few sundresses I'll put to good use. I also have a few books I haven't read yet that should keep me entertained. The dogs will love all that time outside. They usually won't stay outside very long unless we're out there with them. What a bunch of butt danglers.

I got my purple binder out last night where I keep all my recipes. I'm making cornbread salad sometime today and needed to make sure I had all the ingredients. While I was looking, I decided to make Ramen Noodle Salad and fresh green beans & new potatoes over the weekend too. I bought some fresh salmon at the store, and Barnaby is going to smoke it for me. I love smoked salmon mixed with a little mayo, lots of cilantro, and chopped tomatoes, and eaten on Triscuits. YUM. It's a perfect lunch for hot days.

I need to make an appointment with a back doctor next week. I've had what I first thought was a pulled hamstring in my left leg (since all that walking I was doing before the dogs got sick), but I now know is a pinched sciatic nerve. I've had a big section of my right calf that has been numb for about three weeks now, and the pain that was just in the back of my leg is now in my ass, leg, and hip. Ugh. Three ibuprofen and three Tylenol at the same time don't do a thing to relieve the pain. Good news is I can get in certain positions where it doesn't hurt. I need to get an MRI and see what's going on in there. Maybe I just irritated it and it will get better with anti-inflammatory meds or something. I definitely don't want back surgery again.

That's it for today. Y'all have a safe and happy holiday! I'm sure I'll be posting over the weekend.

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  1. We are working on the new house, then off to a 50th birthday celebration.

    I plan on bringing my Dr Pepper, which I have started drinking again since your earlier mention in the blog. LOVE IT!


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