Sunday, June 01, 2008

I'm Scared

Sammi is very sick y'all. She's had vomitting & diarrhea since Friday morning, and she just lays there and doesn't move. I called the vet and the emergency animal clinic for advice, but really the only thing I can do for her is keep the other dogs from bugging her and let her sleep. As long as she stays hydrated and doesn't get worse, there's nothing to do. The vet seemed to think she would be better in 24 hours, but she's not. I'm calling and taking her in on Monday morning if she hasn't improved.

I'm pretty positive I know why she's sick. I bought six Coleus and planted them just off the back porch under the trellis Barnaby built. Two of them were destroyed and half-eaten sometime from Thurs-Fri morning. I didn't have any idea they were poisonous to dogs, but they are. I've done some research on the Internet and found a LONG list of plants that are poisonous to dogs, and Coleus is on that list. Lantana is also on that list as one of the most toxic, and we have some of that this year too.

I'm putting together a comprehensive list to post in my sidebar. Look for it soon and print it or save it for reference. I'm shocked at how many common plants are on this list!

I bawled my eyes out last night because I just felt like she is dying. I know it sounds dramatic, but will you say a little prayer for Sammi please?
Edited to Add: Here is a link to the Poisonous Plants to Dogs document. There are two tabs to see.


  1. Uh Oh......... Maybe she'll be alright since she's made it this long. hug hug

  2. Is it possible for a dog to inherit a delicate stomach? Because Petey is a bit of a princess where his digestion is concerned. Best of luck, we're pulling for her!

    (In that photo, she looks EXACTLY like Lulu, down to her position in the corner of the chair. That's how Lulu spends about 80% of her waking hours. That's why we call her the Farting Pillow.)


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