Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm Bad

...for not updating lately. Work is really busy, and when that happens, I have enough trouble focusing without worrying about updating this blog. But I do worry about it, so I should just pop over here and throw something up so I can get on with life already. So here I am. And I can't think of a thing to say.

I'll just throw up some old pictures and call it an entry. When you're!

Phoebe Singing a Song
(That's the backyard at our old house)

A Beautiful Cat
Many years ago, I wanted to take this stray cat home, but Barnaby wouldn't let me, and a coyote ate it the very next day. Okay, maybe not the next day, but still. Barnaby has kitty blood on his hands!

Abbey Demonstrating Poor Posture

Phoebe Pretending I Beat Her (Freak)

Sammi's Daddy, Petey (Petie? Pete? Peter?)

A Wet Chihuahua in the Sink

Little Boy with Devil Eyes
(Still cute though!)

Me and My Boys (Approx. two years ago)
I look like I'm enjoying that, don't I? I was.
Good Day.

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