Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Buenas Dias

Alright, let's get the dog update out of the way...

Phoebe and Abbey are eating chicken and rice made by their momma, but they both still have diarrhea. They both are moving around and socializing.

Fletch and Sammi are fine -- no problems.

Little Boy had me up at least every hour last night because he needed to poo. He has the diarrhea in a bad way. He's such a good boy, though, he woke me up and went outside in the pouring rain and lightening and thunder and did his bidness in the yard. I told him he was stupid for not just going on the porch out of the rain, but he just gave me a dirty look. I toweled him off the best I could, and put him back in bed with me. Yes, I slept with a wet dog. Poor baby. (Him, not me.) I'm withholding food from him today since he's got the squirts so bad. He's such a whore for food, he'd eat on his death bed. So I guess he's got whatever it is now. I thought he had a very mild case of it early on when Sammi had it, but I guess not.

I'll be glad when this is over. All the years I've had dogs, I've never had such a time.

My computer monitor decided to poop out on me yesterday. I went to Target to look at them and they had a great 19" widescreen on sale for $149.99. Of course, they were out of them, but I got a raincheck. I haven't seen a better deal around, so I'll probably end up going back to get one later when they restock. Nearly every other place wants you to fill out and mail in rebate forms to get their best price. Screw that. I'm still waiting on a rebate for my Blackberry Curve from a couple of months back.

I haven't walked or exercised at all since all this dog sickness started. Bummer. I haven't stopped for good, though. I'm going to get back at it. Oh, and I might have stress-eaten a few Oreos yesterday and last night. Sigh.

When I was at Target yesterday and was on my way out to the parking lot to leave, I couldn't find my keys. The sky was black and it looked like a tornado could suck me up at any moment, and there I stood outside my truck looking for my keys with the Pink Panther key ring. They were nowhere to be seen. After searching my purse at least five times and searching inside my truck (I had left the driver's door unlocked too!), I turned around and went back inside to the customer service desk to see if maybe somebody had found them and turned them in. Sure enough, somebody had found them in the parking lot. Geez! How could I not know I dropped my keyes? What am I, 80?

I'm going to feed my neighbor's dogs while they're on vacation starting tomorrow. They have a Boxer that looks like Abbey's twin brother, and a German Shepherd that is deaf. I just hope they don't get sick with the dog virus or whatever it is while they're gone. My worse fear is for someone's pet to die while I'm caring for them. I might just die myself rather than have to tell them something awful like that.

That's all for today. Buenas Noches.


  1. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Glad they are doing better. I hope Barnaby doesn't get it next.

  2. I always worry about that when I'm taking care of people's pets too! I have a lady that has two 17 year old cats and I have to hunt them down everytime I go to feed them. They have their favorite hiding places.


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