Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Another Update on Sammi...

She’s still just lying down and won’t eat, but she’s drinking some water and urinating when I take her outside, and she had a pure water BM earlier today. She does walk around a bit outside when I take her out there too, but not much. So she’s not so weak that she can’t stand up or anything.

The vet just called to check on her. He says it’s not good that she’s not showing any interest in the food, but it is good that she’s not throwing up the water when she drinks it and can walk around. He said to wait until tomorrow and try some chicken baby food. He said he could send her over to a place in Irving that does ultrasounds to see if they can see anything that might be wrong and could be fixed. I told him we’d wait another day or two and see if there’s any improvement.

When I asked him if she could die, he said it’s usually the bigger dogs and older dogs that don’t make it through something like this, and maybe it’s just going to take her more time. He really didn’t answer the question directly. Of course, I know the answer is yes, she could die if she doesn’t eat. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow and the next day.

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