Wednesday, May 14, 2008


First off, everybody say three "woots" for Pam. I walked for 45 minutes on Monday as fast as I possibly could, rested on Tuesday, and I walked 1 hour and 9 minutes today -- a little over 3.5 miles -- as fast as I could. I'm on my way. I feel it. I have that "something-something" that everyone strives for, but no one has any idea exactly what it is or how to get it. It's motivation, drive, inspiration, energy, excitement, and determination. And not a moment too soon, as you'll see in just a moment.

I gotta say, for a 47-year old woman who doesn't do SQUAT for exercise, I've got good genes or something, because I seem to be able to pick up exercise pretty quickly without it kicking my ass too bad when I put my mind to it. I don't have to start from scratch and walk for only 10 minutes before I'm sucking wind. Thank ya, Jesus.

WARNING: Potty-mouth rant ahead...

My dad greeted me this morning by saying, "Hi, Chubby!"

GAWD! What is wrong with you men? What the hell? Unless you are a woman's personal physician, shut the fuck up about her weight, will ya? Jeez! Trust me. She knows if she has a fat ass and doesn't need you to tell her. And besides all that, take a look in the mirror, Lumpy.

End of potty-mouth rant. That wasn't too bad for me really. Just one "F-word" is pretty lame if you ask me. It barely deserves a warning.


I gotta get some work done now. See ya.


  1. HURRAY! Glad you have the ambition to do so much walking!
    I'm too pooped after work to be on my feet any more so I'm not walking or doing anything, plus.... no ambition or drive either. Pass some of that over to me okay?

  2. Anonymous10:19 AM

    I am so PROUD of you! Keep going. You are gonna feel so much better. Hip hip Hooray, Suzanne!


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