Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Mystery & A Miracle

Just a really quick post...

I'm on my way to Target to buy some kitchen towels. Several of mine have mysteriously disappeared lately. I'm not accusing anyone (Barnaby!), but since there are only the two of us here most of the time, I'm just saying. Mayhaps somebody (Barnaby!) used a couple for oil rags or something I might freak out about, and instead of owning up to it, just threw them away? Just maybe?

I always buy hand towels in the bath section for kitchen towels. The regular kitchen towels in the kitchen section are all just too thin and nonabsorbant. Has anybody else noticed that?

I'm going to tell you about a miracle I have blessed with in my next post. It's a miracle, a true-blue spectacle, a miracle come true. (That's a song from the 70s in case you didn't know.) And it's not the face of Jesus in a Cheeto or some stupid shit like that either. It's real!

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