Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just Stuff

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!

I just happened to catch Fergie performing on the Today Show a few minutes ago. I'm sorry, but it was SO STUPID! I was embarassed for her.
She was singing an old song by Heart, Barracuda, and she was crawling around the stage on her hands and knees trying to be all sexy and stuff. It was just so ridiculous-looking and dumb.
Barnaby has been building and erecting this trellis the last two weekends. It turned out great. Now I just have to plant the wisteria and jasmine.
I bought this rocking chair at the flea market on Saturday. Ain't it purdy? I should have bought two. Maybe I'll get another one next month. It 's really comfortable. I could sit outside in it all day if it wasn't 99 degrees in May! It really was that hot yesterday. And poor Boon Pappy's air conditioner went out. Hate.

Sammi & Fletch Squinting in the Bright, Hot, Morning Sun from Hell

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