Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Blatherings

Coconut Macaroon Bundt Cake
My Review: Eh. Three stars out of five.

The glaze didn't turn out right, probably because it was so humid the day I made it, the cake part was dry, and all the coconut ended up on the bottom of the cake. The recipe had me put half the coconut mixture in the middle and half on top, and against my better judgment, I did it. Next time I'll put ALL of the coconut mixture in the middle where it belongs. But I won't make it again, so I guess it doesn't matter. It was a pain in the ass to make, too, because you had to beat egg whites separately from everything else, TWICE. A cake had better be great if you're going to require that kind of hassle. Overall, I was very disappointed in this cake. I can't believe it has a five-star rating on the All Recipes Website.
Puppy Talk
I'm still recovering from the new-puppy weekend. He's really very good though. It just takes a lot of energy to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't poop or pee-pee in the house. I think he's going to be a chewer too. He has 2 million toys, but still wants to chew on my chair.
He's startled by everything. For example, he barked at a folding chair for 15 minutes because he didn't know what it was. He did the same thing over some pillows and clothes hanging in the closet.
He cracked me up when he saw Kitty for the first time. He just froze and watched he walk up the sidewalk in the backyard. The he ran up to her and stuck his face in her face and smelled and licked her. She sat down and let him do whatever he wanted to her. She didn't seem to mind at all. I thought for sure she'd smack him with a paw, but she didn't do anything. Kitty, being the oldest of all our animals, has dealt with them all as young 'uns. She only gets pissy with them when they're older and should know better. Abby is the only one allowed to give her a bath without getting the royal smackdown. She has no claws, so the royal smackdown doesn't hurt anything except their feelings.
End of Puppy Talk
I'm going to bake something today. I'm just not sure what it is yet. I'll have to rumage around and make something with the ingredients I already have on hand. I don't feel like going to the store today.
It will be the last thing I make for awhile dessert-wise. I'll be starting a high protein, low sugar lifestyle on Wednesday after my doctor appointment and blood draw on Tuesday. I've been getting a few 30-40-minute walks in the past couple of weeks. I plan to keep that up or even increase it. It's time to lose a few pounds, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm ready.
There's nothing much else to blab about. Back tomorrow. Bye.

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