Wednesday, April 02, 2008

If I Had a Title, It Would Go Here

I'm feeling somewhat better. I say somewhat because I am still getting nauseous several times a day. It always goes away before long without "incident." I hate incidents.

Anyway, tonight is the monthly poker party at our house. I have a list a mile long to do, and here I sit at 12:35 with none of it done yet. I'm leaving right now to mix up some brownies and put them in the oven. Then I'll make the Chex mix and some iced tea. I'll wait until about an hour before everyone comes to start baking the sausage balls and cut up the tortilla rolls. I think we've got at least 12 coming tonight. I hope we have enough soft drinks. I don't think we do. I'd better put that on my list too.

Gotta go.


  1. Hey.. send me your chex mix recipe. That would be a perfect bunco snack.

  2. Anonymous5:46 AM

    glad your feeling better. Hope you had a great party!


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