Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fab Product Review

I can't say enough about this Sally Hansen La Cross Foot Smoothing Disk. Everyone must have one. It's WAY better than a pumice stone or foot file or anything else I've tried. Be sure and soak your feet really well first to soften them. I always do my foot exfoliating in the bathtub. When you're finished, slather on some vaseline. Smooth feet, baby! Listen up, men. I'm talking to you too. We won't tell anybody.

These products came in quite handy and came very close to saving us from potential doom. The little Go LED lights are fantastic and last forever, and they're cheap too. I think this 4-pack was somewhere around $2-$3 at Target. I keep one in every room. You'll never own another regular flashlight or have to light candles when the electricity goes out again!

The battery-operated TV is a life-saver when the electricity goes out, especially if you live anywhere where tornados or hurricanes abound. It's kinda handy if you're away from home and NEED to see what's going on in the NASCAR cup race too! If you buy one now, be sure and get a digital one. The other ones, like mine, won't work anymore after February 2009. We need to go get a new digital one before they jack the prices up, if they haven't already.

Mark, you need to get a new big TV! You won't get any American Idol after February. Get to crackin' before they jack those prices up too! Rabbit ears, indeed. Welcome to the 21st Century. And get some satellite TV while you're at it, or at least some cable. Do you even have running water or electricity yet? Hee.

I'm off to my d-d-d-d-doctor appointment. See ya!


  1. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Who's Mark? BP

  2. Hey Dillweed...what are you some kind of techno-phobe? Or is it the HOOKARM you're afraid of....

  3. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Where can I buy the Sally Hansen Foot smoothing disk???

  4. I got mine at CVS Pharmacy.

  5. I can't find that foot smoothing disk ANYWHERE! It's not even online, and if it's not online, then does it even exist? I live in Chicago, and it's not at Walgreen's or CVS. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  6. Hi, K! I couldn't find it online either when I tried to find a picture of it. I read about it in a magazine is the only way I found out about it.

    If you'll trust me with your address, I'll send you one. I'm just that sweet! Send it to:

  7. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Dear pammy sue,
    here's my story, i had that great blue disk and gave it away, thinking i would just buy another when i got home to nyc. Now, nowhere, nowhere, to be found: online, instores, even spoke to the LaCross people. So, if they still exist in Texas, and I pay you, could you send me one? That is how serious I am about that thing. Nothing else comes close. -J from New York.

  8. If I can find one, I'll send it to you. I haven't looked so I'm not sure if they're available here or not. Send me your mailing address and email and I'll let you know.


  9. Anonymous5:55 AM

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