Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stack it, Bitch!

Zee New Fancy-Schmancy Hair Cut -- Not Nearly Stacked Enough!
Damn, my neck is long.

From the Side with My Turkey Neck Strategically Cut Off

This was supposed to be way more stacked, if you know what that means. Apparently the Vietnamese guy who cut my hair didn't, even though he said he did...three times. He'd finish and have me hold a mirror and look at the back and I'd say, "No, it's supposed to be stacked. Don't blend it in so much. Make a definite drop-off in length." So he'd say, "Yes, I know...stacked." And he'd cut some more, and I'd look in the mirror again and say, "No, you're blending it in too much. You should be able to see a definitely blunt line from the longer hair on top to the shorter hair on the bottom." And he'd say, "Yeah, I know...stacked! Like Paris Hilton!"

GAH! Is there an American here that can cut my freakin' hair??? That's what I get for $14. I guess I'll go to Toni & Guy next time and pay $50 for a $10 hair cut by someone who speaks English!

This is what it was supposed to look like and is what it will look like when it grows out and I go to an American:
Too bad I didn't have this picture to take with me.

Abbey is in so much trouble!


  1. It looks like a good cut.. just needs to grow out a little and maybe you have to tease out the back to get it to bump out like that... I don't know. Anyway, it does look like a good cut and thing about hair is, it grows pretty fast!
    Poor Abbey... she was being a bad girl. But Mom..don't leave your trash bag out there for her to get in to!!!!

  2. Anonymous8:43 AM

    I like it! I think it looks good and sexy!

  3. It may not be exactly what you wanted, but it still looks good on you.

  4. It may not be exactly what you wanted, but it still looks good on you.

  5. Anonymous2:05 PM

    I have had 3 of these experiences and I even took pictures with 2 of them. The cut did not look even close to the pics. One was even at one of those expensive hair places. Amy ideas on how to find a good stylist for a bob haircut.


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