Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's Just a Fantasy

We've had a heavy, steady rain all day today with thunder and lightening coming and going. I've had the back door open listening to it while I crochet.

What was I crocheting, you ask? These pretty cup cozies. The last one I made was the pink one on that blue glass, and I decided to add the frilly edge at the top on a whim. I really like it, so I'm going to go back and add some frill to all the others. These cozies are a gift for someone.

Oh my, that sounded kind of cryptic, didn't it? No, I don't have a secret lover with a penchant for insulated cups. These are for my cousin, Lavelle. A woman. Who I'm not having a torrid affair with. But we can pretend if you want...

Adriano, my dark-skinned, Italian hunk of a man, has been my secret lover only a few short weeks. I met him quite by accident while in a little cafe in Parma, Italy, on my way to La Spezia on the northwestern coast. I was blowing on the spiced foam of my Danesi Caffe cappaccino, and looked up over the edge of my cup for a split second when our eyes locked. I immediately felt a flutter in my stomach and could feel my heart start to beat a little faster. He was the most beautiful man I'd ever seen.

His skin was slightly darker than the cappuccino in my cup. His hair (I just typed "hard" instead of "hair." Ha!) was wavy, dark, and on the longish side with and a few loose ringlets on each side. But those eyes, deepset and green, were what drew me to him.

I don't know how long I sat there frozen, unable to avert my eyes, until he stood up and started towards me. It startled me, and I dropped my eyes to my lap unsure of where else to focus. He was there, standing next to me, and I could smell him. It wasn't aftershave or cologne, but a natural, warm, musky scent mixed with the fresh, seaside air.

My heart was pounding even harder now, and I could feel a flush on my face. I set my cup and saucer down on the wooden table just as it started to rattle in my shaking hands, and looked up into his eyes.

The End

Ha-ha! Are you pissed?


  1. Hey the cup cozies are great! I know my birthday is over but....

  2. You've been reading too many bodice rippers lately. At least wait till summer for that stuff!


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