Thursday, March 06, 2008

And Then it Snowed Again

Two times in one week. And that's the best picture of it you're going to get because it's nearly dark, and I'm not stepping out the front door in my socks and freezing my arse off to get one.

And in a strange twist of fate, my $15 glasses from Hong Kong arrived today. They are butt-ugly, and I'm pretty sure the frames are for a man -- a man with a gigantic head. I look ridiculous, but at least I can see to drive and watch TV since my fancy high-dollar glasses were destroyed today. You've just got to see me in these huge-ass things. They're not huge like Harry Carey (sp?) glasses, they're huge like a super-duper double-wide trailer home. Like if they were mirrors, I could see everything behind me. I'll get a picture for ya when I'm ready to humiliate myself again. Maybe the ridiculous glasses will distract you from the hideousness of my neck.

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  1. Gee.... they didn't look that big in the other picture you showed us.


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