Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Westminster: Day 1 Group Winners

Hound Group Winner (Beagle)
Terrier Group Winner (Sealyham Terrier)
Non-Sporting Group Winner (Standard Poodle)

Herding Group Winner (Australian Shepherd)
I love watching the Westminster Dog Show every year! Last night they picked four group winners. The last three group winners will be chosen tonight, and then all seven of them will compete for Best in Show.
So far the Beagle looks really strong. That's the best-looking Beagle I've ever seen. He's very stout. That Australian Shepherd is really pretty. I've never seen one with the red and white colors.
Tonight my favorite groups, the Sporting Group & the Working Group, will compete. I'll post the three group winners and Best in Show tomorrow for those of you who give a rip.
My sister is visiting from San Diego this week. She'll be staying with me on Thursday and Friday, and then we're taking her to the airport on Saturday. I'm making cinnamon rolls this morning to take to my mom's for coffee this afternoon at 3:00.
In my family, we have what's called Three O'Clock Coffee every day. We always have coffee and some kind of goodie. I guess it's kind of like the English and their Four O'Clock Tea every day. My husband has adopted the tradition and loves it. He's always saying, "It's time for 3:00 Coffee!" or, "What are we having for 3:00 Coffee today?"
Three O'Clock Coffee is best when taken on a nice day outside on the porch. Those are the best memories of 3:00 Coffee I have. If your family doesn't partake of 3:00 Coffee, you should. And you don't have to have coffee for 3:00 Coffee. You can have whatever you like.
Okay, I'm off to start the cinnamon rolls. Y'all behave now, ya hear?
Boon Pappy, I hope you're feeling better! You poor thang. I'm sorry you're sick!


  1. Anonymous4:22 PM

    thanks, just woke up after another nap. they help! the poodle made me laugh hard. who the hell could walk around with that. the cinnamon rolls sound good! BP

  2. Aaaahhhh! Sweet Cinnamon roll memories......


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