Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Making Up for Lost Time

Barnaby and I went on an excursion a couple of weeks ago, and I had forgotten about it until I came across these pictures I had taken to document and share our infinitely interesting day. Please go take a restroom break and get some coffee now. You don't want to miss any of this.
We went to eat lunch at a Thai Japanese place first called Zenna. I didn't even know there was such a thing as Thai Japanese, but whatever. It was really good. I had an Alaskan salmon roll that came with salad, a spring roll, two slices of California roll, and some kind of sour chicken soup that was nasty. I ate the chicken pieces out of the soup and left the sour broth. You can see how excited Barnaby was in this picture. I think he was giving me the finger, but he swears he wasn't. You can't really see how long his hair is in this picture because it's all pulled back in a ponytail. It cracks me up because he's SO NOT a long-hair hippy-type guy.
Then we went to circuit City to get some coax cable to try and fix my DirecTV receiver problem. Everything I have TiVo'd since moving it to a new location in our bedroom skips to the point that you can't watch it. He thought maybe a new coax cable was needed, and we needed a 25-footer. When we saw it was $59, we promptly left. Don't buy cables at Circuit City, people. We later found the same cable for $14!

Our next stop for the cable was Home Depot. I prefer Lowe's, but whatever. We found what we needed for $14, as I already mentioned.
Then it was on to Super Target where I got two pairs of cropped pajama pants, two tees, two kinds of mascara (I can't find any mascara that won't smudge onto my upper eyelids!), Fiber One breakfast bars, protein powder, and bananas.
What is the deal with my eyes these days? Even the no-smudge, waterproof kind still smudges off onto my upper eyelids after a few hours. What's up with that? Am I suddenly a grease-ball droopy-lidded old lady or what? I even paid $23 for Christian Dior waterproof mascara in the hopes that it would work since it's so expensive, and it's the worst-smudger yet! I love the mascara though. It has a really big and fat brush, and it makes your eyelashes really thick. Too bad it smudges on my eyes.
Of course we had to stop at Starbucks inside Target. I had a Skinny Cinnamon Dolche Latte. You can just order your drink "skinny" now instead of having to say, "Non-fat, no-whip, blah-blah-blah." Don't be a dork and order it the old-fashioned way. You heard it here first. Stick with me and I'll keep you hip, people.
The last stop of our terribly interesting day was the Neighborhood Walmart for the ingredients for an Eclair Dessert I was making for a get-together with some friends. Oh, and toilet paper for -- well, you know.
What else has been going on?
1. My big sister from San Diego was here visiting all last week. I don't remember if I've mentioned that or not. We had a good time running around and shopping and eating and visiting.
2. Barnaby has had the flu. He had it Wednesday thru Friday. It started with a sore throat on Tuesday and then went to loads of mucus, a croaking voice, and a low-grade fever of around 100 degrees. He had some vomiting, too, but I think that was just the mucus making him nauseated. That word, mucus, is gross! He was feeling much better Saturday and Sunday, and went back to work on Monday. I've disinfected all the bed linens and surfaces in the house many times, and I haven't caught it so far. I think I'm just about in the clear. Surely the incubation period is up by now? Knock on disinfected wood.
3. It was really cold and rainy, and we got to have a fire in the fireplace all day Friday and Saturday! I love that. It's the exception rather than the rule here in Texas in the winter. It's usually not cold enough, and you feel dumb with the fireplace lit while wearing shorts.
4. The Daytona 500 was on Sunday. Yipee! I was so excited, and then I slept through most of the race after watching pre-race shows all morning and early afternoon. I was conscious enough to be able to wake up in case they had "the big one," but they never did. B-o-r-i-n-g! Jeff Gordon's car shit the bed and he dropped out of the race early. Bummer.
I ordered some new glasses HERE for really cheap. Fifteen dollars plus $8 shipping! I didn't even have to fax my prescription or doctor's name or anything. I just typed in the numbers on my last prescription from the eye doctor. I didn't get the bifocal kind this time since they would be more expensive. I wanted to just get them made for distance to see if they are worth it first. I'll let y'all know when I get them if the quality is as fantastic as I've heard. I'm going to order more if it is. I first read about this site HERE. There are other cheap-o sites you can order from listed there. I just randomly picked the one I ordered from.
Tip: You'll need to know your pupillary distance to order glasses. That measurement was not on my prescription. You can print a mm ruler to use HERE, and use these instructions:
Put the millimeter ruler on the bridge of your nose. Ask someone to stand approximately 2 feet away from you and measure the distance between the centers of your pupils. You can measure pupillary distance yourself by using a mirror.
You may ask your doctor or a licensed Optician to obtain this information from your file or they can take the measurement for you.
Note: Typical adult’s pupillary distance measurements are as follows: (54mm to 66mm). Typical children’s pupillary distance measurements are as follows: (41mm to 55mm).
Work has been fantastically slow since the beginning of the year. I'm loving all the free time. One of my clients quit working for one of his clients that generated a lot of work for us, so that's why there is a noticable difference. We (my business partner and I) are not concerned about this slow-down at all, and in fact, we are kind of happy about it after the craziness of the last few months of last year. We may want to hussle-up some new clients in the next few weeks by advertising or something, but for now we're happy.
Have I rambled on enough for you today? I'm going to go read my new Runner's Magazine and hopefully get all motivated to move my ass a little.
See ya!

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