Monday, January 14, 2008

Decorating & Reading

I bought this set of lamps at Home Depot this weekend. I think they look pretty there. Barnaby is going to hide the cords back behind the fireplace tonight when he gets home...probably with duct tape. Kidding. He has something else in mind.

This is the door to the master bedroom. It faces into the living room, and I've been wanting to put a drape up like this for a long time. My sister did something similar in her entryway over two big arches. Hers looks a little better than mine. It took us forever to get it to look like it does, so we left it for now. It looks better than it did just bare. You can't really see the burgandy and gold colors in this picture. It's prettier in person. I can see from this picture that I need to buy some new light switch plates.

Cap #4

I finished another cap this weekend to donate to the Cancer Center. I also went to Michael's and got some Fun Fur yarn to crochet my favoite one that looks like hair. I can't wait to see how it turns out and show y'all the picture. It looks like hair, and then you can crochet a headband to wear over it. It looks very modern and groovy. I can't believed I just used that word.

I have the Food Channel on in my office as I type this. I just heard Malto Mario use the non-word "quicklier." Ha! Dumb-ass. I guess he was dreaming up recipes instead of paying attention in English class.
I bought this book on Amazon and have been reading a few pages every night. I'm enjoying it. It's really entertaining to me. Now I have to get this one:

Have a great week! Back tomorrow.

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  1. Love the colors you use on your walls. We've finally broken out of the 'off white' rut. Things are so much warmer.

    Those cookies arrived in fine shape. One was cracked through the middle, but you know what? It tasted absolutely fantastic. With help from my son & father in law, they didn't last through that first evening. Our younger son is home today 'baby sitting' his grandfather. Making a batch of those cookies is on their list of activities. Can't wait to try some more tonight!


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