Monday, January 07, 2008

Cancer Cap

Cancer Cap w/Ruffle

I need to think of a better name than Cancer Cap. That sounds so blunt and negative.
I made this hat yesterday, and I think it turned out really cute. I'm going to make several different styles of this cap and take them to the McKinney Regional Cancer Center. I found lots of really cute patterns on the Internet. Making these is a nice break from making afghans.
If anyone is interested to making one (or more) and sending it to me to donate, contact me HERE and I'll send you the link for all the patterns and address info.
More later. My brain isn't awake yet this morning.

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  1. Okay.... "cancer cap" is a bit harsh. Maybe Cutie Cap or QT Cap or Classy Cap. Bad Hair Day Cap?
    I don't know....


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