Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mukluks & Pig Noses

For some unknown reason I bought these boots Friday night online. I guess I need them because it gets so freezing cold and snowy around here in the winter...NOT. Actually, I think the reason I bought them was because Nance mentioned in her blog that she recently bought some Uggs and loved them. Like her, whenever I read blogs and somebody mentions buying something, I have to go check it out and usually end up buying whatever it is. I guess that makes me highly impressionable or a target for the 700 Club or the Moonies or something. The Uggs were $103, and these were $79, so guess which ones I bought? I did read the feedback from people who owned them, and they said these were just as good, if not better, than the Uggs. I got the brown ones. didn't have the color I wanted so I had to go to another site, to buy them. I picked that site because they had free shipping. I plan to wear them tucked in my jeans. If I had any nerve at all (and $250 to blow), I'd have bought some Mukluks. They look so kewl. I love the gray ones. And Mukluks is another word that's fun to say.

If you go to each of those links and mess around, you will kill at least an hour! You're welcome.

The NASCAR race is in a rain delay. Shithead, I mean, Tony Stewart will win if they call it for rain. Ugh. I can't stand that guy.

I made a couple of very easy desserts this weekend. (I only had a tiny bite of each.) I'll wait and post those recipes tomorrow just in case I have nothing to talk about. I also made a revised version of shepherd's pie -- revised because Barnaby doesn't like it when I put mashed potatoes on top of things. Whatever. I'll post that recipe too. It was really good, quick, and cheap.

Desperate Housewives starts tonight! I hope it's better than last season. Also, I looked up Lost to see when it would be starting up again, and it's not started until February! FEBRUARY? Good Lord, it seems like it's been nearly a year since it was on. In fact, it has been nearly a year! Anyway, they'll start up in February and go straight through May with all new episodes. I can't wait!

Speaking of Lost, what's up with Evangeline Lilly and and her boyfriend in real life, Dominic Monaghan, who is also on the show? She is so pretty, and he's, well, let's face it, he's got a pig nose. It's true! Look:


They are the weirdest couple. I know I'm just being shallow. He's probably a nice guy and treats her like a princess. I just can't get past that pig nose. His nostrils really flare out when he talks too. You know what I mean?

ABC must have gotten tired of his pig nose too, because they killed him off at the end of last season. Ha! Pig nose is dead.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Itchy & Boring

I woke up at 5:00 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep. I was sure it was thundering and raining outside, but when I finally gave up and got up at 7:15, it was clear as a bell and hadn't rained at all. I took a nearly two-hour nap yesterday afternoon. Maybe that's why I couldn't sleep.

When I woke up from that two-hour nap yesterday, I had some kind of weird rash on the backs of both thighs. It itches like a mo-fo. There's no broke skin, but it's all lumpy and swollen like uneven hives or something. I swear, it's always something! It was itching like hell this morning so I took two Benadryl and rubbed Benadry cream on it at 7:30. By 9:30, I was out like a light and slept until 11:30.

All I've done today is sleep, eat, and look at catalogs that came in the mail. We're talking about going to Winstar Casino, but I think we'll end up not going. It's too long of a drive (1.5 hours one way), and I don't feel like riding that long. And what if I get to itching again? I can't very well walk around the casino scratching below my ass all night. Ho-hum.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Sex & the City movie when it comes out. We rarely go to the movies, but that's one I want to see. I watched every episode when it was on TV. We both loved it. I wish they'd stop putting pictures of what they're filming in all the magazines. It kinds of spoils it even if you don't know the whole story.

I feel like baking something. I need to make some cookies or a pie or dessert of some kind. I can't eat it, but I can lick my fingers. Actually, if it's a cream pie or something like that, I could eat a small amount of the filling. I have to get a bath and fix my hair first, cuz I'd need to go to the store for ingredients. Who knows if I'll get that ambitious today. I may just stay all skanky in my lounge wear. (Lounge wear makes it sound all fancy. It's really just some capri sweatpants and a t-shirt.)

Okay, that's all the excitement at the ranch today. Z-z-z-z-z-z-z. I know you're jealous. Ta-ta.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Support the SPCA

Here I am, as promised! Two days in a row -- woo-hoo! Now I just have to stare at the page long enough for something to flow from my brain to my fingers. Hmm...

My mom and dad came over yesterday to drop off some of my mother's potato soup for me. My mother makes the best potato soup in the world. There's nothing more comforting. My mother made the mistake of telling me about 100+ dogs that were rescued in a nearby county and will be up for adoption at the McKinney SPCA. I went online (just to look!) and it broke my heart to see some of them. They have about 20-30 up for adoption now, and plan on adding at least 15 per day until they're all there. They're mostly chihuahuas, yorkshire terriers, and dachsunds. I called them and the lady told me they raided another puppy mill the day before that also had 100+ dogs. These poor dogs were living in deplorable conditions, some of them are missing eyes or ears, and some of them were dead and decomposing. How could anyone do such a thing? Hang 'em, I say!

Look at this little guy...

God Love Him!

He's a Yorkie. Of course his hair has been shaved because he was a mess, but he looks so sad. Doesn't he look pathetic? No dog deserves that kind of treatment.

I've got to go and stop thinking about it. If I don't, I'll run down there and bring them all home!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

No Title

I really need to get back in the habit of updating every day. I know it sucks to come here and see the same old stuff and no update. I hate it when the bloggers I read don't update. I'll make an effort to give you something every day.

I'm feeling totally back to normal now except for a little pain in my stomach where the doc made the largest incision from which to do most of the work he did. It stayed numb for the first week, but it wore off. Now it bugs the crap out of me because it's right at my pant line at my waist. I went back to the doctor today and all is well. I'd lost 6.5 lbs since my appointment last week. I don't have to go back for six months. Woo-hoo! I'm free!

I can eat about 1/4 cup of food or liquid (like soup) at a time. If I eat or drink more than that, I get really sick feeling, shakey, break out in a cold sweat, and I need to lay down for 20-30 minutes until it passes. I have to make an effort to slow down and only eat little bits at a time until I feel slightly full.


I had a visit in a "dream" from some lady while I was in the hospital. I knew who she was in my dream, but I can't remember her now. All I remember is she was sitting in front of me and said, "You need to look right there." As she said that, she pointed at my left armpit and poked it. It was very real and not like a normal dream. I can't describe to you what made it different, but it definitely was. I'm going to check that place regularly and schedule a mammogram this week because I'm a few months late in getting one. I don't feel anything abnormal there now.

I had a "dream" like that a few years back. I knew when I woke up that it wasn't a normal dream. I saw my pet iguana, Tex, and his feet were turning brown and he was dying. It disturbed me so much, I told Barnaby about it. Two days later, he called me at work to tell me that Tex's feet were turning brown and he looked really sick. He died about 30 minutes later. We were both a little freaked that he died exactly like what I saw in that dream. Weird, but I totally believe in that kind of thing. That's why I'm paying attention to what the lady told me.

No, YOU are a weirdo. And, YES, I watch too many psychic tv shows. Sue me.


I can't believe September is almost over! Man, where did it go? I love it because it means cool, snappy weather is just around the corner. I love that snap, don't you? I think I just like saying snap and snappy. Those are good words. I always say them like I'm from the north with a Wisconsin or Minnesota accent. It kinda sounds like sna-up, with a really succinct "P" sound at the end. Snap, snappy, snappity-snap-snap.

I'm obviously over-tired and a dork. I'm outta here.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I just copied this from an email I sent my favorite Aunt. I'm so lazy I can't be original or type it twice...

I’m feeling really good. We went to a 50th b-day party last night and I lasted until a little after 11:00 pm. It sure was hard not to be able to eat any of the great foods that were there. I did suck on a couple of meatballs and spit them out when no one was looking. Ha-ha-ha! I think things are pretty much back to normal except for what I can eat. I can eat about ½ cup of “full liquids,” which includes things like thinned out refried beans, creamed or blended soups, Malt-O-Meal, cream of rice, and stuff like that. If I eat more than that, I get a weird sick feeling and kind of shaky and need to lie down for about 30 minutes until it passes. It’s like the food either metabolizes too fast or not fast enough, or maybe it’s a blood sugar thing. I’m not sure. I’ll ask the doctor about it next Thursday, but I’m pretty sure it’s a normal reaction – at least it is for gastric bypass patients. I get to graduate to different foods then too.

Off to watch the race, and laundry is already being done. We're going to Wal*Mart after the race. It's just your typical Sunday around here. Hope you have a great one.

Edited to Add: I got the drain out when I went to the doctor last Thursday. Yea! I've lost about 6 lbs since surgery. Fifteen more would make me a happy girl. I'm sure that won't be hard to do. I'm not likely to overeat since it makes me feel rotten. I just need to stay away from that evil devil SUGAR. So far so good. And today is the first day I've had coffee since before surgery. I'm talking Barnaby's head off and getting on his nerves. Hee.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Body Fluids

I'm sure I've crossed someone's Line of Human Decency by posting this picture, but whatevah. It's my blog and I can muck it up with gross stuff if I want to.

That being said...GROSS! This is the drain that is attached to nearly the exact middle of my upper stomach, and the reddish stuff is my blood and God knows what else that builds up when somebody cuts most of your stomach out. Instead of letting me bloat up and pop, Dr. H. decided to install this doo-hickey (try to keep up with my technical speak please) and have me drag it around for two weeks. Facinating, no?

I have to unplug the thingy-ma-jig at the top and drain all that stuff out every so often. I think the average has been about twice a day. Sometimes little hunks and strings of junk comes down that tube and it's really gross. You know you wanted to see it and hear about it, so stop yer ewwing. Someone has to teach you people. Life is just a big 'ol classroom of continuing education, and sometimes it ain't purdy.

I feel pretty good and have had no pain to speak of. It's really weird because when I had that Lap Band installed, it REALLY HURT for awhile there. This? Not so much, and I have no idea why. You'd think it would hurt like hell to cut out that much of an organ. It just made me feel like I had the flu or something and still have it. I get tired really easy, and wah, wah, blah, blah, blah.

Here's a negative product review. I think it's my first negative one, but I really don't remember.

Well, crap. I just accidentally deleted the picture, and I don't have the energy to re-upload it. Now you have something to look forward to tomorrow.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Made It

I'm alive, home, and doing well. Don't feel much like sitting here though. Maybe tomorrow I'll have a better entry.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I thought I'd let everone know that I'll be absent for a few days at least. I'm having surgery to remove the Lap Band and convert it to a vertical sleeve gastrectomy TOMORROW!


Gotta go. I'm pressed for time. Need to tie up some loose ends before morning.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Commemoration of Granny

Do you know what this is? I bought this today in honor of my Granny, who is still alive and well at the age of 94. (Or 93...I can't remember. For shame!)

She always had a jar of salt with a spoon in it sitting in her cupboard next to the stove. Whenever she needed salt when cooking or baking, she'd grab that jar and spoon a little out. I think all of us grandkids shoveled some of this in our iced tea at some time over the years only to find out it was salt.

I regret not taking her jar of salt with the spoon when I had the chance a few years ago when she moved into a nursing home. I remember hesitating when I saw it and then deciding not to take it. Dumb move.

So I've been on a mission the last few days. I've been scouring eBay for just the right jar, but I never did come across one that struck my fancy. It could have just been a glass tumbler, but something in my memory says it was a jar without a lid. Maybe a tall jelly jar?

I stopped at an antique mall today on my way home from running errands and searched the entire thing for something just right. I found this in the third-to-last booth I looked in and decided it would do. I also found a nice silver sugar spoon that was marked down to $3, so I got it too.

I came home and washed them, poured the salt into it, and stuck the spoon in. Now I have a salt jar sitting in my cupboard next to the stove just like Granny did, and that makes me happy today.

Happy Birthday, Granny! (Actually yesterday, September 5th)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Wafers or Sugar Wafers?

I had to see what pictures were on my camera to see what I could write about. These were the only two pictures on there. No wonder I didn't write an entry the last few days. I haven't left the house since Saturday evening...

...when we went to some friends' house to another poker get-together. I guess you could call it a party since it has all the elements of a party, but it wasn't really. It was four couples getting together for food and card playing and maybe a little betting. Barnaby won the first tournament and took all their money, and then we just played a cash game and he ended up with nearly all the money then too. All his poker winnings are going in the Las Vegas 2008 Fund. He informs me we're both going next August.

Did you hear that, Partner? I mean, Bailey? Get out yer crayola and mark me down for vacation next August!

Poor Abby had the hives a few days ago. We're not sure what she had a reaction to, but Benadryl fixed her up after a couple of days. This was when she only had hives on exactly half of her head. The next day, her whole head was swollen.
My brand-new shiney Starbucks cup. Ain't it purdy? It's a lovely gold. I haven't drank (drunk?) out of anything else since I bought it on Saturday evening. It was dad-gum expensive, so I'm getting my monies' worth. Or is it money's worth? Whatever. It cost an arm and a leg, so I'm using it. Somebody is filthy stinkin' rich at Starbucks. That's all I know.

Boone Pappy came through and got the recipe for the sugar wafer ice cream dessert. Now I know why I couldn't find the recipe. IT DOESN'T HAVE SUGAR WAFERS IN IT. That would make it kinda hard to find since all my searches included that supposed main ingredient.

I think what happend was that girl that made it when BP ate it thought the ingredient, CHOCOLATE WAFER COOKIES, was chocolate sugar wafers. It's not. Chocolate wafer cookies and chocolate sugar wafers are two different things. Wafer cookies are round flat cookies. Hence the note in the recipe that says, "Approximately 3" in diameter each."

So she made the recipe using sugar wafers instead. I'm going to make it the same way because BP said it was good, and then I'm going to make it with chocolate wafer cookies like the recipe says, and see which one I like best. You'll get pictures and the recipe then. Are y'all totally confused?