Monday, March 26, 2007

Totally Not Interesting

I'm taking Abby to the vet this afternoon. She's got some kind of eye infection. She's had it for several days, and it's really bothering her, so I figure I'd better get some antibiotics for her before she goes blind. The eye looks fine until you pull the top and bottom lids back and see the inside. It's all red and swollen. She's probably got the Doggy Pink Eye.

A couple of my rose bushes died. Actually, I don't think they were alive when I planted them. I've just confirmed that they are, in fact, dead. Isn't that interesting? You see why I haven't updated much lately? There's just nothing happening I feel like blathering about.
Oh, did I tell you I went to the doctor and got a cortisone shot for the carpel tunnel thing? I think I may have mentioned it. Anyway, it hasn't done any good. I can't tell I got a shot of anything. Steroids usually make me have a lot of energy for a few days, but not this time. I think maybe he didn't give me a high enough dose. I've been wearing a wrist brace and have been using a subcontractor for all my work this past week. Maybe it will go away eventually. The d-d-d-doctor did call me back the next day and tell me I needed to come back in because he got the results of my blood tests and my blood sugar and cholesterol were both too high. I went back in and he did a redraw to run the tests again. I hadn't fasted the first day, and he thinks maybe that's why the results were like they were. I'm still waiting for him to call me today with the results of the second test. The cholesterol thing wouldn't surprise me since my mom and dad both take meds for high cholesterol. And my dad does have diabetes, but I'd be surprised if that test came back high again. It would suck too. I do eat an awful lot of ice cream. And have I mentioned I like sugar?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blenko Crazy

These are just a few of the glass items I've bought in the last 2 weeks since my new obsession hit. The Blenko glass is so much more beautiful than it shows in pictures. When I opened the box containing that crystal vase with the blue rosettes, I just sat there with my mouth hanging open. The glass is so brilliant, it looks alive. I just stand and stare at it.
I've never been interested in glass before in my life, and I'm not one of those museum snobs with crap like this all over my house. I'm just a regular person (debatable) who stumbled upon a piece of this and for some reason it grabbed me. I'm having a lot of fun looking at it and browsing around eBay to find it. There's a lot of Blenko glass out there, but there's not a lot of the crackle glass with applied rosettes and leaves. That's mostly what I'm interested in owning. There's a live auction coming up on the 28th, and I hope to win two pieces then.
I'm going to the doctor tomorrow afternoon for a cortisone shot. This carpel tunnel pain isn't going away, so I need to take care of it. I'm also not working for a week or two to give it a rest, hence, all the free time for eBaying!
Does anybody else here like macaroni and cheese? Doesn't everybody? I found a great recipe I thought I'd share with you. Surprisingly, it calls for canned cheddar cheese soup, but it's still delicious. In fact, it's the best one I've found lately. I like my macaroni and cheese moist and creamy. All the ones I've tried end up dry after you bake them. After I put this one together, instead of baking it, I microwaved it for 2-3 minutes just until it was hot. Voila! Not dry.
Creamy Macaroni & Cheese
1-16oz box elbow macaroni
1 1/2 cans Campbell's Cheddar Cheese Soup
1 1/2 cups milk (2% or whole)
2 large spoonfuls of sour cream (I used light, not fat-free)
16 oz shredded Cheddar
1 tsp dry mustard
Salt & black pepper to taste
Boil macaroni according to package directions & drain. Mix soup, milk, sour cream, salt, pepper & dry mustard until well combined. Combine cooked macaroni and soup mixture in a large bowl or casserole dish. Microwave until hot or bake at 350 degrees until brown and bubbly.
Note: If you want to cut this recipe down, I used about 1 1/4 cup of dry macaroni, 3/4 can of soup, 3/4 cup of milk, 1 scoop of sour cream & 1 cup of shredded cheese when I made this for Barnaby and me. We still had plenty left over for another meal. The above recipe must make a ton!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Howdy, Folks

I know! I know! I'll try and update tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Your Cake, She is Fancy!

Lemon Curd, White Chocolate Curls, Sugared Lemon Halves, Lemon Buttercream Frosting

She's a Scavenger

Sammi with Her Big Stick
Why I Have To Vacuum Every Day

I've been leaving the back door open during the day because the weather has been so nice and the dogs like to wander in and out as they please. Sammi has taken to dragging things in all day -- leaves, sticks, and whatever else she can carry. Sunday I looked over and she was chewing on a fire log that was as big as she is. I would have loved to have seen her dragging that in. I can't believe I missed it. I wish I had taken a picture of it. As you can see from that first picture, she doesn't care how big it is, and she's gotten pretty good at maneuvering things through the door.
I'm in the midst of making the most elaborate cake I've ever made. It's called Lemon Lover's Cake. I say I'm in the midst because it took me three hours last night just to make the cake, the lemon curd, and the sugared lemons that will be used for decoration. By that time, I was so hot and tired I put everything in the fridge to finish today. I've probably got another hour and a half left to go. I have to split the cake layers in half, make the icing and ice the cake, make the white chocolate curls, put the lemon curd on top, and decorate the whole thing with the white chocolate curls and lemons. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I'll post a picture of it when it's done.
I won everything I bid on yesterday on Ebay. That Blenko glass with the leaf design is very hard to find. I did find some on a couple of glass collectors' sites, and they were really expensive. The cheapest I found was $74 for one glass! The only other things I found with the leaf design were vases, and they ran anywhere from $115 to $150 apiece. I found one glass that sold yesterday on eBay at a live auction for $30. The auction had just ended when I saw it. I didn't find any blue anywhere. Everything I saw was clear glass with either blue or gold leaves. Either I got a great deal, or the pitcher I bought for $18.99 isn't Blenko. She advertised it as such, though, so I guess we'll see. I'm going to try and get both pieces appraised. Not that I'm going to sell it, but I'd just like to know. It's either going in my lighted glass hutch or my lighted curio cabinet. I'm serious, y'all...keep your eyes open for it, and let me know if you find any! I don't believe I'll be spending $75 for one glass, but let me know anyway.
I'm off to finish my cake. Tah-tah.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Blenko Glass

Blenko Crackle Glass w/Apple Leaf Pitcher
Blenko Crackle Glass w/Leaf Glass
I'm really behind the times. I just made my first purchase ever on eBay. I bought the small blue glass pictured above at a flea market-type place a few years ago. It was an impulse buy. I just really liked it. If I remember correctly, I paid $3 for it. It's been sitting on my bathroom counter next to my sink.
I've been meaning to research it and see who made it and if it was worth anything, but I never got around to it until today. I found one matching piece on all of eBay, the pitcher pictured above. I bid $18.99 and won. Yee-haw! I think I'm hooked, y'all. I have four more bids out on some carnival glass, but I won't know if I won those for a while.
If anybody sees any of this Blenko crackle glass w/leaf, please let me know ASAP. I really like it. I'm going to research it a little more on the Internet and see if I can find anymore.
BP, keep your eyes peeled for it at estate sales!
Edited Later to Add: Now that I look at those pictures, the leaves are different. I don't know what kind of leaf is on my little glass, but it's definitely not an apple. Anybody? I don't really care what kind of leaf it has. If you see any, let me know.

Friday, March 09, 2007

A Gardening Entry

I planted four rose bushes yesterday, and it took me all day. Well, it took me about an hour each to dig the holes and get them planted, and I had to rest in between and make a trip to Wal-Mart. I guess that's why it took all day.
It was in the 70s yesterday, and I still sweated my ass off and nearly had a heat stroke. I'm a whimp. My face was all red and my clothes were wet with sweat. The 70s are the limit for me as far as temperature goes. All I can do when it gets above that is find some shade and take a nap or I'll have a heat stroke for sure. I guess I'm too much of a white girl.
The pictures are of a mini rose bush I bought yesterday. I've had them before but can never keep them alive, and now I know why. The little tag that tells you how to care from them says, "Evenly moist soil, bright light, 60-75 degrees." It's already hotter than that, and it's only the beginning of March. Why do they even sell them around here? Maybe I'll try keeping it inside in a pot and see if it lives this time.
I also bought some rosemary. I absolutely love the way rosemary smells, and I like to use it fresh out of the backyard in a few recipes I have. A neighbor has a giant one along his driveway in the back that is absolutely gorgeous. It's at least 5 feet around and gets tiny purple-ish blue flowers on it all summer. I planted one last year, but it died and I'm not sure why. I'll try again and put it out front in the shade this time.
Patsy: I think my Mexican Sage died over the winter. It doesn't look like it's coming to life anytime soon. I'll have to get another one. I think it may have been too late when I planted it last year. Have you gotten one yet?
Have a great weekend, everyone. I'll have an entry up if anything wildly exciting happens.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ewww, Feet

I spent the entire night awake, whimpering like a wounded wild animal every now and then just because it made me feel better. Around 10:30 p.m., I knocked my full travel mug of ice water off of the bedside table and it fell directly onto my big toe. It didn’t hit directly on the nail, but just behind it on the cuticle. Instantly, a giant purple blood blister appeared, and I put ice on it for about 20 minutes. It THROBBED all night long. I’m such a baby when it comes to pain. I believe I have the lowest threshold for pain of anybody on earth. It really takes a toll on me mentally.

I’ll be you anything that my toenail will grow out black. Ewww! That is so gross. And do you know how long it takes a big toenail to grow out? SIX MONTHS. I know because I had one about 15 years ago. I don’t wanna have a black toenail all summer!! Wah! Maybe I'll just paint them all with black polish? That's really in now, ya know.

I really grossed myself out trying to find a picture to put up here depicting someone with a stumped toe. There are some GROSS pictures out there on the Internet. Feet are something that is a big turn-off for me anyway. I can’t stand feet. Ugh. I have to stop talking about it now.

While I’m whining and moaning, I have something wrong with my right palm too. Whenever I use that hand to grip something or pick something up, I have a pain that shoots from the bottom of my palm to about the middle. It doesn’t feel like nerve pain, though. It feels like a rubber band inside there stretching and then popping, ya know? Like there’s a ligament or tendon in there stretching and popping. It’s been going on for 4-5 days now, not getting any better or any worse. Everything I can find on the Internet about hand pain talks about carpel tunnel. I really don’t think that’s it though. It doesn’t feel like the median nerve. It feels more like the tendon sheath or tendon just to the left of it. And I don’t have any numbness or pain in my fingers or wrist.


Isn’t reading about my many physical maladies fascinating? Did you even get this far before rolling your eyes and moving on to the next site? I need to get a life or just check into a nursing home right now. I’ll shut up now.

Did y’all see this story today?

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado: A woman who went into a vegetative state in November of 2000 awoke this week for three days, spoke with her family and a local television station before slipping back on Wednesday.

"I'm fine," Christa Lilly told her mother on Sunday — her first words in eight months. She has awakened four other times for briefer periods after a heart attack and stroke left her in a semiconscious state. "I think it's wonderful. It makes me so happy," Lilly told television station KKTV-TV. She also got to see youngest daughter, Chelcey, now 12 years old, and three grandchildren.

Before her relapse, Lilly told the station her biggest frustration was learning how to talk again.
After years of being fed from a tube, eating was no problem. "I've been eating cake," she said.

Her neurologist, Dr. Randall Bjork, said he couldn't explain how or why she awoke. "I'm just not able to explain this on the basis of what we know about persistent vegetative states," he said.

HERE is a video of the story and her talking….Amazing!

We got Kitty's first walkway up last night. She's very leery of it right now, but got up there once by herself. We put her food up on the highest one to coax her up there. It worked. This is a wall in my office that you can't see unless you're inside my office. The next one will probably go in the master bedroom. I know y'all were wondering if I was going to be Crazy Cat Lady with shelves and cats all over my living room. Nope, just Crazy Dog Lady with a pack living in my house for now.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Stop Bitching!

Another household appliance bit the dust yesterday, and we had to go buy a new stove. Grrrr! I'm so pissed. First the water heater and now this. I guess the bright side is at least we had the money and didn't have to go in debt over these household expenses. But, still, it would have been nice to get to spend it on a nice vacation or something we wanted instead of things we had to have. The stove is used every day around here. It's not an option. Anyway, this is the one we decided on. It's a Frigidaire and has a convection option on it. We bought it at Lowe's last night and they delivered it this morning around 10:30. I've already got a batch of cookies in there baking. You can see them in the picture inside the oven if you look real hard. I'm happy, too, that I got an electric stove instead of gas. I hated the gas one.
Somebody needs a chin lift, among other things. I bet I could have had one for the money we spent on those appliances. (Okay, sorry. I'll stop bitchin'.) Can you tell I erased one of the lines between my eyebrows? I still look like I'm scowling though. I tried to erase that double chin too, but since it takes up 1/3 of the picture, it was too obvious. Gee, thanks, Mom. Why couldn't you give me your skinny legs genes instead? (I'm not bitchin'. It's just a question.)
I'm off to the grocery store. I'm afraid to stay around here too long for fear another household appliance will fall apart at my feet. Just please don't let it be the air conditioner! Please?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dog Toys

It cracks me up that their names are on them.


These dog toys make me laugh every time I pick one up, which is several times a day. They are a favorite around here. They are made of sturdy canvas, too, and Phoebe can't rip them open and pull the squeakers and stuffing out. That's what she does to every single toy we buy.
I hardly slept a wink last night. At least I didn't have nightmares like I've had every single night since I started taking the medicine the doctor prescribed. Two nights in a row I dreamed that something horrible happened to my tongue. The first night I had an extra tongue on top of my regular tongue. It was white but only about half as long as my regular one. The second night I bit most of my tongue completely off and was keeping it in the refrigerator to sew back on at a later time, I guess. WTF?
I bought a Brother P-Touch label maker at least a year ago and never took it out of the package. I drug (dragged?) it out yesterday and couldn't get it to work. I put it next to Barnaby's chair with a sticky note that said, "Please see if you can make this work. I've already tried changing the batteries and tape twice."
My brilliant husband figured it out. He's good like that. I think I'll keep him. Anyway, I plan on labeling every freakin' thing in the house today. Hee. For sure I'm going to label the light switches with multiple flippy doo-dads so I don't turn the ceiling fan on every time I want the light on. (Yes, "flippy doo-dads" is a technical term. Please try and keep up.)
I gotta go. We're going to Lowe's to get the materials to build some of THESE for Kitty. She's such a cranky old bitch, though, she probably won't even get near them.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Nicki Gene

Barnaby and I let Nicki’s ashes fly in the wind down at the Red River in Oklahoma in the fall of 1998. She loved it down there. The next time I went back which was several months later, there were white wildflowers ALL OVER the little island where we let them go. My son, Aaron, took a picture of one of the flowers, framed it, and gave it to me for Christmas that year. It’s the best present I’ve ever gotten.
Damn, I loved that dog! It was spiritual, I tell you!

Does anybody know what kind of flowers those are? Email me HERE if you do.


There's still a deep hole in my heart.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


THIS made me laugh hard. You're welcome.

Just a Regular Day

What? It's all the rage.

I got out for the first time in days and days and caught up on some errands – bank, gas, grocery store, Linens & Things to exchange something, and Kohl’s. I got some new shoes (yes, different from the two pair I already ordered earlier in the week…did I mention I love shoes?), a Levi’s white denim skirt, and a sleeveless tee.

I also got more cauliflower at the grocery store to make soup. I love me some cauliflower soup. I haven’t made a recipe for cauliflower soup that I didn’t like yet. All the ones I’ve made call for you to boil the cauliflower in chicken stock, and some have assorted veggies like celery, onion, carrots, etc., and then you whir up the whole mess in a blender and add it back to the pot with some milk, and maybe some cheese or sour cream or something like that. Send me a recipe if you know of one that’s good, or try one yourself if you haven’t had any. Yum.

About Body Scrubs: I’ve been using several different body scrubs and facial scrubs lately. They make your skin so soft. I especially like the ones with oil in them. Philosophy is the one I like best for my face. It’s called The Greatest Love, or something cheesy like that. I hate how they name their products stupid stuff like that. I’ve been using St. Ives Apricot Scrub on my body and following that up with Vaseline Bath & Body Oil since the scrub itself doesn’t have any oil. I need to find one with oil already in it. Lordie, I’m soft and slick as snot when I first get out of the tub. It eventually all soaks in your skin though, and then you’re just soft. I love it. I think I’ll go up to Bath & Body Works and see what they have in their clearance bins. Surely they have a bunch of good-smellin’ ones. It sure makes your bathtub nasty though. Ick. Who knew all that nasty crap was on your body before you got in? It sure enough let’s you know about it when it mixes with the oil and leaves a black ring around your tub though. Note to self: clean the tub before house cleaner comes so she doesn’t think you’re a skank.

I look like the biggest dork right now. I’m wearing my new shoes around the house with really thick socks on. It looks dumb with camouflage capris. I look like Crazy Army Rambo Lady with socks and dress shoes. The shoes are a teeny bit tight in the width, so I’m trying to stretch them out a little before I wear them. I think I’ll let Barnaby go out and get the mail. We can fool the neighbors a little bit longer into thinking I'm sane.