Monday, December 10, 2007

Night Stalker, I mean, Eater

I don't know if I'll be around much tomorrow to post an entry so I'm doing an extra one today. My sister is having surgery on her neck tomorrow, and that's where I'll be.

Want to hear something strange? Well, strange for me anyway? I color coded my closet today. Not really color coded, but I arranged all my tops by color. There is no code. Unless doing that is code for DORK.

My sweet Barnaby made me a spreadsheet yesterday to log my weight and journal my food every day. He even installed it on my computer so it would pop up automatically when I start my computer every morning. That way I can't forget. It has a weight graph and everything.

I've decided to lighten up on myself a little until after Christmas. That's only two weeks, and it's impossible to avoid the sweets with the baking I'm going to need to do. It's just unrealistic to say I'm doing NO sugar starting now. I'll just try and not stuff my pie hole with them until I'm sick. I'm also going to be doing more protein shakes during the day, which I should be doing anyway.

I've had a bad habit lately of getting up in the wee hours of the night and eating cookies or candy. I don't know why I do that sometimes. It seems like I can go for several years and not do it, but as soon as I slip up and do it once, it starts a several-week cycle of getting up and "sneaking" to the kitchen to eat. Ick. I always feel sick after I do it too. The weird thing this time is I haven't gained an ounce. In fact, this morning I had lost 1.5 lbs since yesterday, and I got up and ate six BIG cookies during the night. I seems to fluxuate about 3-4 lbs all the time anyway probably because of water weight gain and loss.

One of the many times I was gaining weight in my life, I was getting up and eating white bread with gobs of peanut butter on it. I mean gobs too, not just a little bit spread on there. It's a wonder I didn't choke on one of them like Mama Cass. Is that how you spell her name? "All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gra --- gaaaack! Cough, inhale, hack, spit, choke, gahhhh! Is that you, Jesus?" Fade to black. It would piss me off to die that way. How embarassing.

I don't remember how I've broken the pattern in the past. I guess I just eventually quit doing it. I don't think it was a conscious choice. I think I just stopped waking up at night.

I've heard of some people who say that they are not even conscious when they do it. They say they are sleep-walking and sleep-eating and have no memory of it. They only know because their family tells them. I'm definitely not asleep. I'm fully aware of what I'm doing. That means I should be able to stop if I really want to. I'll try it tonight and see if it works. It's scientific! It's an official experiment! I have to.

How did I get off on that? I'm going now before I tell you what I do in the bathtub. Bye.

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  1. I've had my closet "color arranged" for years! It makes it so easy to pick out something to wear. If I want to wear a red top, I just go to all the red stuff and look through it instead of having to search the entire closet. I think you'll like having your clothes arranged by color. I've been eating alot of sweets lately too.... mostly because they are so available here in the house. I try not to keep stuff like that around, but it's the holiday season. Today, one of my customers gave me a huge plate of homemade Christmas cookies to bring home. Of course, I tore into them before I even got out of her driveway! Lordy!


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