Friday, December 07, 2007

Fatty McFatAss Says...

Second Post of the Day:

I feel fat! Why do I feel fat? I shouldn't feel fat. Fat, fat, FAT! And bloated! And hungry!
I just changed clothes four times because I felt like I looked really fat in the mirror. And I'm not going anywhere! I'm just staying around the house tonight. Why must my mind be filled with self-criticism and thoughts of food and fatness and skinniness nearly every waking moment? Does everybody do that? I have to stop it now.
Maybe I should stop reading 10,000 magazines a week and watching E! and Entertainment Tonight and Extra and Access Hollywood and all that crap. They're filled with skinny models and skinny celebrities and diets and diet pills and You! Can! Burn! 896 calories! By eating cookies!
BAH. Then what would I do with all that free time? What? Exercise, you say? Uh, I have to go now. My Star Magazine awaits!

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  1. I know where you're coming from sister.....


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