Friday, December 14, 2007


We think our refrigerator is fixin' to be *DRT. It's not keeping up with our ice usage, which isn't much, and Barnaby thinks his soy milk is not as cold as usual. Crap.
Why, God, why at Christmas?
It is 14 years old so we figured it would happen sooner rather than later, but still. Now? Wah!
Speaking of refrigerators, THESE are the ugliest things ever. I would not like any of those on my fridge! They would probably sell better if they were just solid colors. But pictures? Eww.
*DRT = Dead Right There, an old acronym from my police days. That's what we always said at a fatality accidents or suicides or whatever. "He was DRT."


  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Wow, someone is super blogger! Blog blog blog. I like it. BP

  2. Yuk! The ones with the pictures are awful! Who would ever want that??? I do like the odd colors of the ones on your blog though. I don't know where you'd ever find other appliances to match though. Anything is better than stainless steel. I hate stainless steel appliances! They're cold, show spills and fingerprints like crazy, and are a pain in the butt to clean without streaks. I have to use an oil-based cleaner/conditioner stuff on my clients stainless steel appliances. TOTAL PAIN!!! But no one listens to me... they just buy them anyway.... "What the hell, Patti will clean it for us..."


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