Monday, December 10, 2007


I'm having horrible PMS this month. Can you tell from my last few entries? Up, down, up, down. Sad, happy, sad, happy. Bitchy, cheery, bitchy, cheery. I'm totally manic.

I was so bitchy yesterday it was unbelievable. And I was conscious of it and reallly tried to be nice. This is what happened at the drugstore when I stopped to get batteries.

First, Barnaby gets impatient when I start looking at magazines and hair stuff and says, "I'm going to the car and keep it warm."

Well, that pisses me off because I feel like he's rushing me:

ME: "Fine, let's go! Gawd!"

HIM: "I'm just going to keep the car warm! Take your time."

ME: "We only live one minute from here! Who cares if it's cold! You're always rushing me!"

He ignores me and goes to the car. (He's so smart!)

So I'm all ready pissed off when I get to the counter to check out. I'm standing in front of one of the four registers and nobody is behind the counter. A guy comes to the counter and stands at the opposite end in front of a register and says nothing. He stands there and stands there. Finally, he says, "I'll take you down here."

Well, that pisses me off because I feel like he should have said something earlier instead of just standing there like a mute idiot. Clearly I was waiting to be checked out. He could have walked eight feet and taken my stuff from the counter to the register, too.

So I pick up my stuff and walk down to his register. I put my stuff down and place a $10 on the counter next to it. He gives me a shitty look like I should have handed him the money instead of putting it on the counter. (And I should have but I was pissed.)

He takes the money and rings me up. I hold out my hand for my change, and instead of handing it to me, he places it on the counter. I raise my eyes and look directly at him and he smiles. This is the point where I lost my shit with him.

ME: "Don't play that shit with me!"

HIM: "What? I was just smiling at you. I was just being polite."

ME: I say nothing. I just glare at him like I'm fixing to rip his head off. I take my stuff off the counter and start to walk off.

HIM: "God bless you. You have a nice day!"


I'm really glad I didn't use my store card when I checked out. You know those store cards you get where you get discounts and stuff if you have one? He probably would have gotten my name and address and came and killed me. I should not be allowed out in public.

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  1. Whoa baby! You do have PMS. I used to get it like that real bad and I'd lose it over something that normally I'd just blow off and not even respond to or even think about later. It's weird how, with PMS, I'd fixate on something and just totally over react.... telling people off in the grocery store because their kid was a brat... stuff like that. Later, I'd be going 'PATTI!!!! What the hay???'
    That's why I totally believe that every woman, once she hits 40, should be handed a prescription for Valium with a lifetime of refills and told "happy birthday".


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