Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 Eve

As usual, we're not doing anything on New Year's Eve. I'm going to watch uParty on the Fox News Channel. I watch Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly every weekday morning, and they're hosting this show too. I know. I'm a dork for watching a news show's New Year's program.

I may do a little shopping on my own today. That's the best way to shop in my opinion. Sometimes I want to leave a store a minute after I get there, and other times I want to stay an hour. If I can get my ass in gear and get a shower, I'm just going to go to a strip shopping center near my house and browse around. I'm looking for nothing in particular. I do need to exchange a gift I got for my iPod since I posted that I had a different kind than I actually do on my blog.

Did that last sentence even make sense? I actually have an iPod Nano with 4 gig of memory or space or whatever it's called. I had said in my blog that I had a 1 gig, which is a totally different size and shape. There. That makes a little better sense. Maybe.

Or I may just stay here and read and crochet a little. I'm currently reading The Seance by Heather Graham. It's holding my attention so far. It's the first book I've been able to read in a long time. I normally can't concentrate long enough to read anything except magazines, but so far so good. Now I've gone and jinxed myself. I should shut my yapper until I'm finished with it. Superstitious much?

Have a safe and happy New Year everyone!


  1. We went out to dinner at an Irish place. It was really good! I was kind of surprised. They had fabulous bread pudding. Wish I had a good recipe for that. We're party animals too and staying in for the rest of the evening.

  2. Hi--I found your blog doing a search for how to print my own blog, and saw you had asked the same question. I hope you don't mind me commenting, but I did find a site I think I will use myself. It takes your whole blog right in and lets you edit in real time and rearrange pics, etc. Kind of cool--
    Anyway, just thought I would pass it along if you were still looking. Happy New Year!


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