Thursday, November 08, 2007

Smell the Roses

I cut these roses and brought them in the other day. I should really do that more often. I get much more enjoyment from them when they're inside where I can see them all day. These are getting a little wilted, but they're still pretty. The roses stay pretty longer this time of year since they don't get seared and scorched by the sun and 300-degree temperature like in the summer. They last a whole day in the summer before they start to turn brown and then burst into flames.

Sammi is all better now. No more vomit. I've been going outside with the dogs every time they go out so I can scoop up the poo immediately and keep Sammi from making a meal of it. I'm still going to get a muzzle for her to wear outside when it's raining or too cold or I'm just too lazy.

I just saw the mailman walk up to our front porch and leave a box. I'm so excited because it's my box of crochet magazines from eBay, I just know it!

I impressed the hell out of myself last night. We were looking for a computer software CD and weren't sure where it was. Barnaby was tearing apart the closet in the guest bedroom, and I was in my office closet. I pulled down a large Rubbermaid storage container that I knew had old files in it, and was prepared to start going through it looking for the CD. When I pulled it down, it had a laminated piece of paper stuck to it. On the paper neatly typed it said, "This box contains: blah, blah, blah, and blah, blah, blah, and blah, blah, blah," and I knew immediately that the CD wasn't going to be in there. I had forgotten that I had done that when I packed the box a couple of years ago.

Upon seeing the box, I laughed and this exchanged ensued:

Me: "Barnaby, your wife is a genius! Come see!"

Barnaby sees the box and looks at me incredulously. "Oh my God! You are so ANAL!"

Maybe so, but it sure was nice that I didn't have to dig through that box of files one by one.

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  1. Labeling a box with its contents is good practice for your 50's. I go out every year after the Holidays and buy cards,wrapping paper, etc. Then, I come home, pack it in a box and label it. Then, I make a note in my November calendar, telling myself what I have, what I still need, and where the hell I put the box with the new stuff in it! I had to start doing that because it's amazing what I forget in 10 months.


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