Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Limes? Weird

I've been smelling limes since yesterday. WTF? As some of you know, and as I explained HERE, I've had some kind of weird phantom smell problem for the past few years. Most of the time I smell smoke. This is a new smell, though. I guess I should be glad I don't smell what most people who have this problem do, which is feces or rotting flesh. For an explanation of this phenomenon, you can read more HERE or Google "phantosmia" and you can read all you can stand.

I got upset and stressed yesterday afternoon, and it started just after that. Hmm. I've never noticed it coinciding with anything unusual or specific before.

I just wanted to write that down before it went away and I forgot. I'll be back later with a real post.


  1. That's really weird! I have this problem too, but it is usually accompanied by a migraine. Yesterday I kept smelling a strong ammonia like odor, even though I wasn't using anything like that. I kept opening windows and doors to let the smell out, but the smell was in my NOSE, not in the house like I thought it was. Anyway, it finally went away and then I got a migraine. I'm much rather smell limes.

  2. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Oh my God, I smell feces when I'm at your house and then I see that it's on the floor. Let your dogs out!


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