Tuesday, November 06, 2007

It Stinks in Here

Aren't the little ones cute?

It's hard to believe something so horrendously nasty-smelling could come out of that little black and white one, but it did. And it did some more...and more...and more...all freakin' day!

From 7:30 this morning until about two hours ago, Sammi vomited. And it wasn't just vomit since she loves to eat the other dogs' poo-poo. It's vomited dog shit. It smells so bad in here it's making me nauseous. Isn't that gross??

I've cleaned it up off the floors, carpet, beds, rugs, and dog beds. She has thrown up everywhere! I thought I had all the rooms closed off, but she somehow managed to get into the spare bedroom and vomit shit on the bed. Ack! I've been doing laundry all day.

Yes, Pam, it's all about you. You poor thing.

I haven't yelled at Sammi because I know she's sick and can't help it, but I'm not a happy camper. I'm going to take her to the vet here in a little bit for a shot of something to calm her stomach, and then she's going in the dog kennel/cage thingy until tomorrow.

I can't figure out why it still stinks in here. I've laundered and cleaned everything and used carpet cleaner, white vinegar, 409, and carpet powder, but it still stinks. I think it's permeated my sinuses. Bleh.

Who wants to come over for dinner? Nobody? Heh.

So I had to console myself by going to Big Lots for more Sugar Daddy suckers. I was really disappointed when they didn't have any and I had to go to the Dollar Store. But when I got to the Dollar Store, they had these GIANT Halloween bags of them for 75% off! Am I lucky or what? I have enough Sugar Daddies to last me awhile now.

I have to go clean something. It stinks.


  1. Anonymous4:20 PM

    your nasty, bitch. I always smell that smell when I've been at your house and your dirty feet. BP!

  2. Can you get Sammi a shot to keep her from eating other dogs poo? I know dogs have no real sense of what smells good or bad (everything just smells, right?), but holy cow! Puke alone is bad enough, but puking that? Oi!!


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