Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hodge-Podge Entry

This is the afghan I'm working on at the moment. (The bottom one) I'm making it to use up all the scraps of yarn I had laying around taking up space. It uses ten colors, so I'll have lots of room for some new ones. It's not a particularly pretty afghan, but it's not ugly either. I have three strips finished and three more to go. I should finish it way before christmas, so it's going to end up being a present for someone who probably needs a nice warm blankie to remind them of their momma.

This is a product review I was going to do a while back, but Blogger wouldn't take my pictures that day. Don't buy any of these stupid plug-in air fresheners. They suck. All of them do, no matter what the brand. Save your money and buy a Yankee Candle or something. They're expensive and aren't worth 25 cents.

I finally bought a chair to go in front of my vanity. I found this chair yesterday at L*nens & Th*ngs. It's smaller than it looks in the pictures, and while it's not what I really wanted, it'll work fine.

If you have the choice between L*nens & Th*ngs and Bed, Bath & Beyond, shop at Bed, Bath and Beyond. The other place pissed me off yesterday for the last time with their shady business practices. Every single time I go to that store, I get fooled by one of their "sale" signs. They hang a sign for an item that's on sale, but they don't place the next to the actual item. They place it next to a similar item that is not on sale and costs much more. This sign was for slat-backed chairs, $14.99.

When I got to the counter yesterday and found out this chair was not on sale, I had words with the manager to let her know I thought it was an intentionally misleading business practice and should be stopped. She went as far as to bring me the sign to show me it wasn't the same chair. (I still couldn't tell from reading it that it wasn't my particular slat-backed chair. You had to read the barcodes and see if they matched.) I explained to her twice that the sign was placed in front of this chair, not the one that was actually on sale. It wasn't even on the same shelf as the chair that was actually on sale! She acted like she just didn't get it because it was "clearly written" on the sign. Whatever, liar. I'm never shopping there again.
This is a totally cool and beautiful book that my sister gave me for my b-day. I love it! I want to cut out all the pictures, frame them, and hang them on a wall. But I won't. Maybe.
So I wasted half the day yesterday going to jury duty. I managed to "sneak in" my crochet stuff, so I just sat there and crocheted for 3 1/2 hours. A lady that sat next to me asked me how I managed to get my crochet needle through security. She had read in the rules online that you can't bring in knitting needles. Maybe they think crochet needles (hooks, really) are safer than knitting needles. I suppose you could stab someone with a crochet needle just as easily as a knitting needle. I did kind of strategically place it so that it wouldn't easily be seen if my bag was searched. I put it in my wallet. (Oooo, I'm so sneaky and criminal!) They x-rayed my whole bag and didn't say anything. I'm sure they could clearly see the yarn. You'd think that would be a giant clue. It was the highlight of my day. How sad.
They didn't pick me to sit on the jury. Maybe they could read my mind. The defendant was on trial for assault. He looked like a little shithead in a suit. G-u-i-l-t-y!! Hee hee. I'm sure I could have been objective and judged him on the evidence presented, but usually a police background or the fact that a family member is police disqualifies you. It doesn't disqualify you, but the defense doesn't want you.

Do you know what Mr. Defense Attorney tried to sell to us? He was talking about how you shouldn't assume a defendant is guilty because he doesn't testify in his own defense. He said, "Besides, it's not his decision. It's mine. I decide whether he testifies or not. Does anybody disagree with that?"
Everybody just sat there and said nothing, so I raised my hand and said that was not true, because the defendant can testify if he wants to. It's not the defense attorney's decision. "You can recommend he not testify, but he doesn't have to take your advice. He has to choose not to testify. If I were a defendant, I certainly wouldn't want you telling me whether I could speak at my own trial or not. In the end, it's my decision."

You could tell he didn't like that one bit. He started to argue with me and then said, "Okay, you can talk if you want to," (speaking to me) and he laughed and changed the subject altogether. I'm sure he sat down and immediately crossed my name off the list of perspective jurors. Hee.
I'm off to work. Have a good one.

Oh, wait! One more thing...

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S J I M M I E ! ! !

2007 Nascar Nextel Cup Champion

Sorry Jeff! :(

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  1. Brian9:41 AM

    Around here we call L*nens & Th*ngs "Sheets 'n Shit". Sums it up pretty well. Hate walking into BB&B because I see something I want to buy something EVERY time. It's a funny love/hate thing we have going!


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