Friday, November 30, 2007

Fun Friday

I'm all caught up on work today, so I'm enjoying a lazy day at home. I'm having entirely too much fun with myself. (Oh, stop. Get your mind out of the gutter.)

Let me show you...

First I did some leisurely surfing and reading of my favorite blogs and Websites. Then I took to baking. I made a Chocolate Bundt Cake, and yet another Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. This one is for thin and crispy cookies. That's the way Barnaby likes them.

I'll be baking tomorrow too because we have a poker party to attend. I'm not sure what I'll be making just yet.

And then...

I found the funnest (most fun?) thing to play with, Girls! You absolutely must try it. It's too much fun, especially if you have several different pictures of yourself to play with. The picture of yourself you use can make all the difference in how the hair looks on you. The same hair looks completely different using a different picture. You use celebrity hairstyles and put them on your picture.
I suppose you men could do it too, but that might be a little weird for you. Oh, let loose and try it! Nobody will see!
My InStyle magazine this month had a full-page add about this feature on their Website. You'll have to register, but it was totally worth it if you ask me.
Here are a few of my favorite makeovers of me:
Gwen Stefani Hair (I look like a bank robber!)

Left: Kiera Knightly's Hair Right: Victoria Beckham's Hair

Left: Sharon Stone's Hair Right: Eva Mendez's Hair
Those were the only ones I printed. I had to print them and take a picture of the picture in order to post the them. There's no way to save them to your computer directly from their Website. That's why they're not that great.
My boyfriend, Shepard, got called into work early because of the Hillary Campaign Office Bomber Dude. I'm going to go watch him now. Poor thing. We had a late night!


  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    I like Kieras the best. They made me laugh hard. BP

  2. I loved you as Gwen S. You look so young!!!


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