Monday, November 26, 2007

Daring Nude

You'll be disappointed in reading this after that title. It is appropriate, but probably not the way you're hoping. I got your attention though, didn't I?

I did manage to get out of the house yesterday and go to Michael's and Ulta. After I stood staring at the yarn for about 25 minutes, picking out yarn and putting it in my cart, only to change my mind and take it out again and choose another color, I said screw it, and picked the purple yarn I wanted to begin with because purple is my favorite color, and decided to make the prayer shawl for myself. Dang, that was a long sentence.

Then I stood in Ulta for 20 minutes looking at lip liner. I was trying to find Rimmel Lip Liner in Daring Nude because it was the PERFECT color for me. So guess what? Evidently they don't make that color anymore, the bastards. Don't they know how hard it is to find the PERFECT color?? So I stood there staring at the Rimmel Lip Liner bins hoping that Daring Nude would magically appear before my eyes, but it never did.

So then I took the nearly-used-up Rimmel Lip Liner in Daring Nude out of my purse and marked on my hand with it to try and find another color that matched it. And then I got paranoid that they were going to think I was shoplifting lip liner if I put it back in my purse, so I walked to the front of the store to the counter before I put it back in my purse, because it's obvious I'm not stealing anything if I'm right up in front of everybody, and I put it back in my purse. Okay, weirdo.

I never did find the right color, but I found one that was close, bought it, along with two gray eye pencils to replace the one I had that magically disappeared, and left. You just know that when I get around to actually putting that lip liner on my lips, it will be a horrific shade of orange, don't you? Me too.

Dang, that was a long, boring story.

I came home and crocheted on that purple shawl for 3 1/2 hours and watched three TV shows in a row on the History Channel about Aliens and UFOs. When I finally took a moment to take a good look at my crochet work, it was all crooked, and I had miscounted stitches, and it was a mess. So I ripped it all out and rewound the yarn. I'll have to start over from scratch tonight. Bummer. Oh, and it's possible I have an alien implant in my leg.

I worked until about 12:45 today and then went to the bank and grocery store. I've got to go now and make dinner and some chocolate cookies with a peanut butter ball on top and chocolate icing. If they look good and taste good, I'll get a picture for you and share the recipe.

I don't really think I have an alien implant in my leg. I was just funin' ya.

That is all.


  1. I just hate that when a company stops making something I'm using. MK did that years ago... they had the perfect pink lipstick called Tea Time Tan. They haven't made anything like it since. And speaking of alien implants.. I swear that's what they took out of my right cheek sinus back in 1982. I haven't had a sinus infection on that side since!

  2. Brian9:49 AM

    Chocolate cookies with a peanut butter ball on top? I'm in. Post that recipe if it turns out good. Heck - it's chocolate & peanut butter - can it ever be bad?? 'Course not!

    I've got the alien implant in my leg. I'll have to post a picture of the scar someday.


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