Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Celebrity Pics & Comments

This is Madonna's daughter, Lourdes. Good Lord. (Or Good Lourdes. Ha!) You'd think Madonna would do something about those eyebrows and mustache! I don't care how old she is or isn't. That's just wrong.
I'm sorry, but Kelly Rippa does not have a "buff" or "ripped" body like this article claims. (I have the magazine and have read the article.) She has a 10-year-old's prepubescent body. She's missing some female hormone that most girls get around age 12 that turns your body into a woman's. In my opinion, in order to be "buff" or "ripped" you need to have some muscle definition. Or just some muscle, period. Having no fat does not make you buff. And while a body like this may be more desireable to some people than fat and stretch marks, it's certainly not sexy. Again, in my opinion.

Angelina has giant man hands. And why do her arms look too long? I just stood up, and my arms come to about the same place on my legs, so that's not it. Maybe it's because she looks anorexic. The rumors of her having anorexia have been in the tabloids for several months now, but I never believed them. I always just thought she was naturally thin, but not too thin. Now I'm beginning to wonder. Eww. Nice lips, though. And that daughter of theirs (the biological one) is absolutely beautiful. Have you seen her? I'll try and find a picture and post it.
Doesn't Demi look desperate and clingy in this picture? Could she get any closer to his face and stare with that stupid extra-wide grin? He looks like he wants to keep walking. He should be afraid. Or she could be just fake-grinning like that and saying to him with clenched teeth, "You better act happy, Shithead, or I'll kill you when we get home." She's a psycho either way.

Here's a picture of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. See? Lordie, she's pretty.

And here's another beauty...not the guy, the baby!

Dannilynn Birkhead (Anna Nicole Smith's daughter) is pretty too! No, she's gorgeous, just like her momma...But she's dead now. :(

Vince Vaughn used to be so handsome and hunky. Now he's just a bloated drunk. Gross.

That's all, folks! See ya.

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