Friday, October 26, 2007

I Have a Shit List

And right now there are two dogs at the top of that list. Their names start with ABBEY and SAMMI!

I had left a bag of trash tied up loosely in my kitchen on top of the cat litter box last night. It wasn't completely full, and I had planned on cleaning out the fridge and using that bag so I could take it immediately out to the alley trash cans.

I came home a little while ago and there was stinky crap everywhere! My dogs NEVER get in the trash. Well, none of them except Abbey. She's gotten in there before when we're home and eaten great gobs of goop she evidentally could smell. In this particular bag I had a half of a three-layer chocolate cake with white fluffy icing, empty pork chop packages, loose coffee grounds, and Lord knows what else. It was trash from a big dinner I made yesterday because my boys were coming over for dinner. Now all that sticky, stinkin' shit is strung all over my house. Gah!

They are all still hiding. Every time I hear their toenails on the wood floor, I yell "YOU BETTER GET!"

And they all slink off. I know it wasn't Phoebe because she's an angel and never gets into anything. When Abbey gets into something she's not supposed to when we're home, Phoebe comes and tells on her by acting all scared to death and looking in whatever direction Abbey is. Abbey is the only one who's ever gotten into anything, and now she's teaching Sammi how to do it. I don't blame Sammi so much because she's still young and doesn't know better, but Abbey does. I know L.B. was involved because he had his head stuck in the trash bag when I walked in.

Happy Friday!


  1. Ooooooo! BADDOG, BADDOG!
    We have a problem with Savvy getting into the bathroom trash cans when we leave the house. I try to remember to close the doors to all the rooms but I forget and so does Big Daddy. She never gets into the kitchen trash so it's just weird that she'll get into the bathroom trash and tear up every wadded up kleenex all over the house. Weird!

  2. Anonymous12:56 PM

    I'm laughing hard. Did you go around the house picking shit up and yelling????? I know you did. BP


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