Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Wafers or Sugar Wafers?

I had to see what pictures were on my camera to see what I could write about. These were the only two pictures on there. No wonder I didn't write an entry the last few days. I haven't left the house since Saturday evening...

...when we went to some friends' house to another poker get-together. I guess you could call it a party since it has all the elements of a party, but it wasn't really. It was four couples getting together for food and card playing and maybe a little betting. Barnaby won the first tournament and took all their money, and then we just played a cash game and he ended up with nearly all the money then too. All his poker winnings are going in the Las Vegas 2008 Fund. He informs me we're both going next August.

Did you hear that, Partner? I mean, Bailey? Get out yer crayola and mark me down for vacation next August!

Poor Abby had the hives a few days ago. We're not sure what she had a reaction to, but Benadryl fixed her up after a couple of days. This was when she only had hives on exactly half of her head. The next day, her whole head was swollen.
My brand-new shiney Starbucks cup. Ain't it purdy? It's a lovely gold. I haven't drank (drunk?) out of anything else since I bought it on Saturday evening. It was dad-gum expensive, so I'm getting my monies' worth. Or is it money's worth? Whatever. It cost an arm and a leg, so I'm using it. Somebody is filthy stinkin' rich at Starbucks. That's all I know.

Boone Pappy came through and got the recipe for the sugar wafer ice cream dessert. Now I know why I couldn't find the recipe. IT DOESN'T HAVE SUGAR WAFERS IN IT. That would make it kinda hard to find since all my searches included that supposed main ingredient.

I think what happend was that girl that made it when BP ate it thought the ingredient, CHOCOLATE WAFER COOKIES, was chocolate sugar wafers. It's not. Chocolate wafer cookies and chocolate sugar wafers are two different things. Wafer cookies are round flat cookies. Hence the note in the recipe that says, "Approximately 3" in diameter each."

So she made the recipe using sugar wafers instead. I'm going to make it the same way because BP said it was good, and then I'm going to make it with chocolate wafer cookies like the recipe says, and see which one I like best. You'll get pictures and the recipe then. Are y'all totally confused?



  1. Las Vegas is hotter than the pits of hades in August!!!!

  2. bailey(pardner)3:22 PM

    August, Vegas, got it down on the biz calendar. Doubt you'll notice the heat outdoors. Sounds like you and Barnaby are ringers!


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