Sunday, September 23, 2007


I just copied this from an email I sent my favorite Aunt. I'm so lazy I can't be original or type it twice...

I’m feeling really good. We went to a 50th b-day party last night and I lasted until a little after 11:00 pm. It sure was hard not to be able to eat any of the great foods that were there. I did suck on a couple of meatballs and spit them out when no one was looking. Ha-ha-ha! I think things are pretty much back to normal except for what I can eat. I can eat about ½ cup of “full liquids,” which includes things like thinned out refried beans, creamed or blended soups, Malt-O-Meal, cream of rice, and stuff like that. If I eat more than that, I get a weird sick feeling and kind of shaky and need to lie down for about 30 minutes until it passes. It’s like the food either metabolizes too fast or not fast enough, or maybe it’s a blood sugar thing. I’m not sure. I’ll ask the doctor about it next Thursday, but I’m pretty sure it’s a normal reaction – at least it is for gastric bypass patients. I get to graduate to different foods then too.

Off to watch the race, and laundry is already being done. We're going to Wal*Mart after the race. It's just your typical Sunday around here. Hope you have a great one.

Edited to Add: I got the drain out when I went to the doctor last Thursday. Yea! I've lost about 6 lbs since surgery. Fifteen more would make me a happy girl. I'm sure that won't be hard to do. I'm not likely to overeat since it makes me feel rotten. I just need to stay away from that evil devil SUGAR. So far so good. And today is the first day I've had coffee since before surgery. I'm talking Barnaby's head off and getting on his nerves. Hee.

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  1. Anonymous12:28 AM

    sounda like your feeling better.
    Awesome. I'm wide awake at 2:30
    Sucks. Talk to you soon. BP


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