Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mukluks & Pig Noses

For some unknown reason I bought these boots Friday night online. I guess I need them because it gets so freezing cold and snowy around here in the winter...NOT. Actually, I think the reason I bought them was because Nance mentioned in her blog that she recently bought some Uggs and loved them. Like her, whenever I read blogs and somebody mentions buying something, I have to go check it out and usually end up buying whatever it is. I guess that makes me highly impressionable or a target for the 700 Club or the Moonies or something. The Uggs were $103, and these were $79, so guess which ones I bought? I did read the feedback from people who owned them, and they said these were just as good, if not better, than the Uggs. I got the brown ones. didn't have the color I wanted so I had to go to another site, to buy them. I picked that site because they had free shipping. I plan to wear them tucked in my jeans. If I had any nerve at all (and $250 to blow), I'd have bought some Mukluks. They look so kewl. I love the gray ones. And Mukluks is another word that's fun to say.

If you go to each of those links and mess around, you will kill at least an hour! You're welcome.

The NASCAR race is in a rain delay. Shithead, I mean, Tony Stewart will win if they call it for rain. Ugh. I can't stand that guy.

I made a couple of very easy desserts this weekend. (I only had a tiny bite of each.) I'll wait and post those recipes tomorrow just in case I have nothing to talk about. I also made a revised version of shepherd's pie -- revised because Barnaby doesn't like it when I put mashed potatoes on top of things. Whatever. I'll post that recipe too. It was really good, quick, and cheap.

Desperate Housewives starts tonight! I hope it's better than last season. Also, I looked up Lost to see when it would be starting up again, and it's not started until February! FEBRUARY? Good Lord, it seems like it's been nearly a year since it was on. In fact, it has been nearly a year! Anyway, they'll start up in February and go straight through May with all new episodes. I can't wait!

Speaking of Lost, what's up with Evangeline Lilly and and her boyfriend in real life, Dominic Monaghan, who is also on the show? She is so pretty, and he's, well, let's face it, he's got a pig nose. It's true! Look:


They are the weirdest couple. I know I'm just being shallow. He's probably a nice guy and treats her like a princess. I just can't get past that pig nose. His nostrils really flare out when he talks too. You know what I mean?

ABC must have gotten tired of his pig nose too, because they killed him off at the end of last season. Ha! Pig nose is dead.

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