Friday, September 07, 2007

Commemoration of Granny

Do you know what this is? I bought this today in honor of my Granny, who is still alive and well at the age of 94. (Or 93...I can't remember. For shame!)

She always had a jar of salt with a spoon in it sitting in her cupboard next to the stove. Whenever she needed salt when cooking or baking, she'd grab that jar and spoon a little out. I think all of us grandkids shoveled some of this in our iced tea at some time over the years only to find out it was salt.

I regret not taking her jar of salt with the spoon when I had the chance a few years ago when she moved into a nursing home. I remember hesitating when I saw it and then deciding not to take it. Dumb move.

So I've been on a mission the last few days. I've been scouring eBay for just the right jar, but I never did come across one that struck my fancy. It could have just been a glass tumbler, but something in my memory says it was a jar without a lid. Maybe a tall jelly jar?

I stopped at an antique mall today on my way home from running errands and searched the entire thing for something just right. I found this in the third-to-last booth I looked in and decided it would do. I also found a nice silver sugar spoon that was marked down to $3, so I got it too.

I came home and washed them, poured the salt into it, and stuck the spoon in. Now I have a salt jar sitting in my cupboard next to the stove just like Granny did, and that makes me happy today.

Happy Birthday, Granny! (Actually yesterday, September 5th)

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  1. Cool idea for remembering granny, but what will the salt do to the silver? Are they copacetic?


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