Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Body Fluids

I'm sure I've crossed someone's Line of Human Decency by posting this picture, but whatevah. It's my blog and I can muck it up with gross stuff if I want to.

That being said...GROSS! This is the drain that is attached to nearly the exact middle of my upper stomach, and the reddish stuff is my blood and God knows what else that builds up when somebody cuts most of your stomach out. Instead of letting me bloat up and pop, Dr. H. decided to install this doo-hickey (try to keep up with my technical speak please) and have me drag it around for two weeks. Facinating, no?

I have to unplug the thingy-ma-jig at the top and drain all that stuff out every so often. I think the average has been about twice a day. Sometimes little hunks and strings of junk comes down that tube and it's really gross. You know you wanted to see it and hear about it, so stop yer ewwing. Someone has to teach you people. Life is just a big 'ol classroom of continuing education, and sometimes it ain't purdy.

I feel pretty good and have had no pain to speak of. It's really weird because when I had that Lap Band installed, it REALLY HURT for awhile there. This? Not so much, and I have no idea why. You'd think it would hurt like hell to cut out that much of an organ. It just made me feel like I had the flu or something and still have it. I get tired really easy, and wah, wah, blah, blah, blah.

Here's a negative product review. I think it's my first negative one, but I really don't remember.

Well, crap. I just accidentally deleted the picture, and I don't have the energy to re-upload it. Now you have something to look forward to tomorrow.



  1. uhhhhh.... yes, I admit it... I was curious. Thanks. You helped my diet alot!

  2. So how big is that jug o'juice?


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