Monday, August 06, 2007

Product Review: Ponds Clean Sweep

Sorry, the picture is kinda blurry. I love this product. On the left is Wal-Mart's brand, and on the right is Pond's. I use the cheaper ones to take off the first layer of make-up. Then I follow-up with the Ponds. They're supposed to be the same, but the Pond's smells better. I like these little travel packs that have 15 wipes inside. There is also a much bigger size you can buy. This size was less than $3 for the Pond's, and the Equate brand was $1.97.

I guess I have a thing for wipes lately, because I also love, love, love the Huggies brand cucumber and aloe baby wipes. They smell yummy. I use them every day just for a fresher-upper. (Cuz it's hotter than Hades around here, and I sweat like a pig, okay?) I don't use up near as many wash cloths now. The Huggies wipes are $2.89 for 72 wipes at Target.
I made this "trail mix" of sorts last week. It's really good and salty-sweet.
1 box mini cheese crackers
1 box Cheese-Its sticks (New)
1 pkg pretzel Goldfish
1/2 large can of whole cashews
1 bag Peanut M&Ms, dark
I talked to the nurse at Dr. Hamn's office last week. She said it had been 10 days since he sent the letter, and their computer system showed that my insurance company has received it and it's "in process." It shouldn't be too much longer before I hear something. She said I'd get a copy of their response, probably before she does. I'm ready.
Bank - done
Carwash - done
Tan - done
Grocery Store (dog food) - done
Call in Rx refill - done
Staples (printer/copier ink) - done

It’s been a busy day already. And may I just say that printer ink is RIDICULOUSLY expensive? What a rip-off! I just paid $83 for two black ink cartridges and one each of yellow, blue, and red. Thank you.
I'm off to work.

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