Thursday, August 16, 2007

Let's Make Salsa

The most-used gadget in my kitchen. I first bought one back in 1980-something at the State Fair of Texas. I used it until it was all used up and barely worked anymore. Then I bought another one at the fair about six years after the first one. The next time it wore out it was nowhere near time for the fair, so I went online and found them, bought it, and that's what I'm still using. Getcha one. It rocks.
Salsa Ingredients (The salt is very important, people. Dont' leave it out!)
Cut up the tomatoes and onion. Notice the small amount of onion. This is about a 1-inch wedge of a medium onion. If you put too much onion, your salsa will be bitter and overpowered by onion.
Add the garlic, cilantro, salt, seeded jalapeno, and juice from 1/2 a lime. Close the lid and crank that baby around and around until it's the consistency you like it.
This is the finished salsa and the exact kind of tortilla chips you should eat with it.
Guess what I'm making next? That's right...deviled eggs!
I guarantee you this is what your eggs will look like every time you make deviled eggs to take somewhere. They will not peel, you will get totally pissed off, and you'll have to clean up egg from your kitchen floor and walls when you throw a hissy-fit and smash them and throw them. Aggressive much?
These are my new glasses. I picked them up today. The color didn't come out so great in this picture, but they're a purplish, rosie, pinkish, weird color. Love them.
That is all. Have a great evening.

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  1. The "TRICK" to good eggs for deviled eggs, is to keep the eggs you buy for a week or so before you boil them. Then, you boil the eggs. After they are done, you dump the hot water out of the pan and fill it with COLD water. You let the eggs sit in that and maybe change the water a couple of times. When you decide you are ready to peel the eggs, crack them all over (I ususally just bop them on the side of the sink a few times) and peel them under COLD running water. They should just slip right out of their shells - no problem! I think the real trick is to make sure the eggs are at least a week old in your frige.


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