Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fashion Faux Pas?

I'm finally getting new glasses. I totally wasted my money on those damn contacts. I just don't like wearing them. Once I bought them, I had to wait a year before I was eligible through my insurance to get new ones.

I saw a girl at the tanning salon about a week ago that had blue frames. You wouldn't think that blue frames would look good, but these look fantastic on her. She had blonde hair, though, and since mine is now very dark brown, I'm not sure what they'll look like.

I immediately came home and searched for them on the innernets, but alas, they are discontinued. Wouldn't ya know it? They might look like shit on me anyway, but I'd like to at least try them. They are Prada brand frames and come in four colors, but they quit making the blue ones. I'm going to keep searching. Surely somebody has a pair of those frames in inventory, wouldn't you think?

Here's what they look like:

Model Name: Prada PR 01FV
Gender: Unisex
Material: Plastic

I also like these from Marc Jacobs. They are my current favorite, but they only come in black:

And these from Yves Saint Laurent. (I love saying that name with a really snotty accent all up in my nose.) I like them in both of these colors:

What do YOU think? Am I being a freak with these colors, or what? I want color! What's the matter with me? I normally am not much for colors on my face, or even on my clothes, or my house, or my car, but I really think I want some in a color. Do you think they'll get old really quickly, and then I'll be stuck with them for two years? Do you think they'll clash with my clothes if I'm not wearing a color that goes well with them? Will the fashion police arrest me? Will they take a picture and blow it up on the TV screen and circle my face in yellow marker with a giant question mark? Will I find myself on the next episode of What Not to Wear? (I love that show, but I don't want to be on it! Although, for $5000 in new clothes, maybe I'd consider it.)
Some of my Cosmos finally bloomed. Remember the picture of them just peeking through the soil? Here they are now...

There are some purple ones that look like they'll bloom any day now. Pictures to come.


  1. Brian9:45 AM

    Personally, I kinda like the red YSL's. Look like they might fit your face/hair combo. But you have excellent taste, what ever you end up selecting will look dynamite.

  2. Well now, you wouldn't want us having to put black tape over your eyes in all the family photos would you? Actually, I'd go for the colored ones if it didn't remind me so much of Sally Jesse Raphael and her red framed glasses. Remember that? I had a friend who got some back then. They looked fine then, but now I see pictures of her in those
    glasses and.... well, I have to keep myself from pulling out my black electrical tape.
    Your Cosmos are beeeeeautiful!


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