Thursday, July 12, 2007

Adventures on Craig's List

I've never been on Craig's List in my life until a few days ago. If there was any doubt that I have OCD, there's not anymore.

A few days ago, I decided that we needed to buy a recliner for the following reasons:
  1. I need to sleep sitting up because I have acid reflux so bad right now.
  2. Surgery is in my very near future, and I'll definitely need one then just because.
  3. Apparently we have to buy a recliner every couple of years and then get rid of it after about a year because we hate it.
  4. The chair Barnaby sits in is pathetic and needs to be replaced. Like any normal man, he's repaired it with duct tape several times and thinks it's fine. Yeah.
  5. There is no number five. (Sorry, I couldn't resist)

So I had the brilliant idea to look on Craig's List just to see what they had. And because I can't do anything without doing it to death, WE NOW HAVE THREE RECLINERS!! What is wrong with me?!

Let me try and explain myself. The first recliner I bought is this one:

It was $50 and is in perfect condition. It looks and works like it's brand new. The only drawback is that it's mauve, and nothing in The Queen of Brown's house is that color. I can live with that since it's perfect and cheap.

When Barnaby came home and saw it, he suddenly decided the duct tape on his chair was hideous and he needed a recliner too. So I struck out the next day on a hunt for another recliner. This is the one I bought for $30:

It was not so perfect-looking, but it only had a few tiny rips you could barely see, and for $30, it was great deal so I bought it and happily brought it home.
And then I sat in it.
What a dumbass. Why did I not sit in it before I bought it you ask? Uh, because, ur, um, hmm. I don't know. So when I sat in it, it was obvious that something was seriously wrong with it. It won't recline. You can kick the foot rest thingy out, but it never catches and the backrest part doesn't go back and stay back. You're kind of suspended in the air sort of floating. I know that doesn't make sense. Just suffice it to say it doesn't work right, and those people are lying liars with their pants on fire at this very minute.
So...I introduce you to Recliner #3, which I bought today:

It's perfect, and I actually sat in it BEFORE I bought it. I'm a quick learner like that. It was only $40!
The moral of this story is, if you're not a dumbass and properly check the stuff out before you buy it, Craig's List is a great place to get cheap, nice stuff.
I'm going to get my hair buzz-cut. See ya.


  1. I've been selling on the San Diego Craigs List for a long long time now. Have you ever read the Rants & Raves section? It's hilarious.... and addictive so if you check it out - beware! All three chairs look pretty good. Two bad chair #2 turned out to be a turkey. What are you going to do with it? You could put it back on Craigs List with your honest input of course.

  2. Anonymous4:14 PM

    I have spent the last two days on Craigs list. Thanks for making me a freak. BP


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