Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend Stuff

Marigolds & Caladiums (Red Flash Fancy Leaf Caladiums)

My Flower Babies

I took this picture just two-and-a-half days after I planted these flower seeds. They want to live, by golly, and they are in a hurry it seems. I bought some flower seeds on eBay (yes, I still have a problem but it's much better now) after I saw some pictures of my sister's flowers in San Diego. They are called Cosmos, and I've never seen them around here. I bought four kinds: Hinomaru Cosmos, Cosmos Double Click, Sea Shell Cosmos, and Solar Flare Cosmos. The lady I bought them from sent me some free seeds for some flowers called Persian Jewels -- Love in Mist, and I planted those too.

Apparently there are a gagillion different kinds of Cosmos. Here are a bunch of pictures if you're interested.

Somebody's sleepy. Sammi looks like a black blob in a lot of pictures because she is so black, doesn't she? You can't even see her at all in the dark. I can't tell if she's in her bed under my desk by just looking. I have to feel around with my foot to know if she's there or not, and that's during the daytime. And, no, those are not my hairy legs. They belong to Barnaby. My hairy legs are much more tanned than that. Ha.

We went on a shopping marathon yesterday and had a great time. We started out just looking for tennis shoes for both of us, but ended up with a carload of stuff. And it was all on sale and cheap, cheap, cheap. Especially the stuff we got at Old Navy. I got one shirt for 97 cents, two for $1.97, and a whole pile of socks for just 10 cents each. Just as we got to the register they plopped down a box full of socks, and the girl said, "We are trying to get rid of these. Do you want some? They're 10 cents a pair." I should have bought the whole box, but I didn't want to be Miss Piggy and hog them all.

We went to another place and I lost my mind and got a purse, some earrings, and FOUR wallets. What the hell does anyone need four wallets for? At the time I was thinking I'd get this one for credit cards, this one for money & change, this one for miscellaneous cards and crap I hardly ever use but can't be without JUST IN CASE, etc. Now that I've organized it all, you know what will happen, don't you? I won't be able to find anything! I'll be that airhead at the front of the line holding everyone up digging through my FOUR wallets. So I apologize in advance.

We ate lunch at Chili's, and I'm sure everyone there thought I was bulemic or a coke head because I kept having to go to the bathroom and throw up saliva. It's that dad-gum slipped band that's making me do that. But for $10,000, I'd rather do that than pay a doctor that much money.

By the way, I checked with another doctor, and his fee was actually a little higher than that. He also recommended that I convert to a Vertical gastrectomy, or vertical sleeve gastrecomy (VSG), rather than just repositioning the band, and it would cost about the same. Sounds like a good idea to me when and if I ever do anything, but I need to look into it a little more.
Okay, I have to go take a shower and stuff before the race starts. Talk at ya next week. Buh-Bye.
(I had to edit this post 172 times because of typos and grammar errors. You'd think I was drunk or something!)

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