Thursday, June 21, 2007

Umm, Wangs

We're havin' Parmesan Wangs for dinner. Here's the fixins. I know this is exciting so please try to contain yourself.
This is the coffee cake I made Tuesday evening. It's still yummy three days later. I found the melted butter in the microwave today. I guess I forgot to drizzle it on top before I baked it. I'm always finding food in the microwave that I forgot about. How can I forget about something like that and start a completely different thing for dinner without remembering that I already started something else and left it in the microwave? I would never have done that a few years ago. That little bell in my brain that used to remind me of such things has gone mute. You know that little bell? The one that should have gone off when I was backing out of the garage but didn't open the door first? The one that should have gone off when I unloaded groceries and put the frozen blueberries in the cabinet, which I didn't find until two days later when blueberry juice was EVERYWHERE? Yeah, that bell. It's gone.
My mom called an hour ago or so to tell me they had a little bird on their back porch that was stuck to a piece of that gluey paper that's meant to catch mice. They couldn't get it unstuck and wanted to know if I knew what they could use to get it off. I had no idea so I gave them the phone number to my vet's office. Hopefully they had a solution for them. If not, knowing my dad, he smacked its little head with a hammer and threw it in the garbage. No, wait. He probably twisted its little head off with his bare hands and fed it to the neighbor's dog. I'm not kidding. I bet that's what ended up happening. That's why I don't want to call her back and ask.
When I used to go quail hunting with my dad, that's what he used to do when he shot one and the dog would point to it so he could find it. He'd pick it up and twist its head off with his bare hands and throw it to the dog as a reward. Crunch, crunch, crunch, the happy dog would go. Ummm, tastey!
Now that you're sufficiently grossed out, I have to go make dinner. See ya.

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