Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Stand

This is my new cake stand. Ain't it purdy? I shouldn't be so happy about having it, but I am. I wanted it so badly, I ended up with TWO.

I saw it on eBay awhile back and became obsessed with it. Of course, I bid on it with my highest bid being what I thought was pretty high and should get the job done. To my horror, I was outbid at the very last second by some bitch who paid $58 for it.

At first I was indignant that anyone would have the BALLS to outbid me at the last second like that (like I do everybody else, but it's okay when I do it). How dare she! I was madder than an old wet hen, as my Granny used to say, and then I was determined to get one if I had to pay $200 for it because I get totally unreasonable like that sometimes about things that don’t even matter.

I first searched the Internet for someplace where I could just buy it outright. Nadda. So I begrudgingly went back to eBay and searched for another one. A few days went by before a couple of them were listed. I bid on BOTH of them, because I was a crazed idiot. I don't know why I didn't just bid on the first one and WATCH the second one and bid on it later if need be.

Anyway, I ended up winning the first one for $28 ($30 less than that mean old hag that outbid me before -- Heh). And then I won the second one, too, for $9.50! Ha! Who is the idiot now??

I figure it will make a great gift if nothing else. Or maybe I'll just display it in my curio cabinet and tell my grandchildren someday how their Granny Pissy Pants won it on eBay for a pittance.
I'm off to make a cake to go on my pretty pink cake stand.

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  1. Big Daddy and I just laughed ourselves to tears over this one. I have SOOOOOOOOOO been there/done that! And you'd think I would be used to being outbid at the last minute by now but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO it still bugs me! What is that? Is it some primal territorial thing?


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