Friday, June 01, 2007

Simmer Down Now

I just ate a big piece of chocolate cakey stuff -- okay, fine, it was a piece of Mississippi Mud Cake! Yes, I know it's 9:30 in the morning, but I was hungry, and it was sitting there on the counter, and I passed it up once at 9:00 but couldn't help myself any longer.

Message to Sharon: Don't get your feelins' all hurt, cousin. I couldn't wait for the recipe so I went on a hunt for a Mississippi Mud Cake with coconut in it like we had at the picnic the other day, and I found one on I still want your recipe though!

I made it yesterday when I went on a cooking frenzy. I made the Mississippi Mud Cake, Pork Chops Topo (Topo = Tomatoes & Potatoes), dressing, and pimento cheese spread/dip. You really should make your own pimento cheese. It's so much better than the stuff you buy at the grocery store. It's easy:

Pimento Cheese

3 cups shredded Sharp Cheddar
1 large jar diced pimentos, drained
chopped jalapeno to taste, optional
1/2-3/4 cup Hellman's Mayo

Mix all together and refrigerate. Serve with chips or crackers. (I like it on Ritz crackers)

A lot of recipes I've seen call for garlic powder and/or other seasonings, but I don't like it with anything in it but the above. You can also use a mix of different shredded cheeses if you want. Shredded Cheddar and Swiss is a good mix.

We never did make that trip to the country to find a big rock for the garden. It started raining again and we didn't go. Maybe we'll go this weekend. I think I'll try to weasle a trip to the casino out of Barnaby when we go. Afterall, we'll be out that way wandering around anyway, huh?

I yelled at Sammi this morning and told her she was a "bad girl" for pooping on the bathroom rug. She got her feelings hurt really bad, and she's been slinking around with her ears peeled back ever since. I hate it when I hurt my dogs' feelings. I feel horrible now. This would be why Sammi is still not completely housebroken yet. I can't stand to make her feel bad. I'd rather pick up poop.

I'm going to weigh-in on the Rosie O'Donnel thing now. I used to really love her and her talk show, but something happened to her personality when she "came out," and she became really overbearing and obnoxious. I mean, really, didn't everybody already know she was "Lebanese" before she officially announced it? Pa-leeze! I don't know if she feels like being loud and obnoxious protects her in some way or is her security blanket or what. She totally turns me off though.

And I don't agree with her Bush bashing and war bashing either. I believe if you want to disagree with the president and the war, that's fine, but you MUST ALWAYS be respectful of the man and his position. I don't even care much for it when people make fun of the perception of his lack of intelligence either. He does make it awful easy though. That's all I'll say.

AND Barack Obama rocks, even though I'm usually not on the democratic side of things.

While I'm being all political and everything, Jack Kevorkian got out of prison and I'm glad. So there. The government needs to stay out of our bidness if we want to die or have an abortion. Freedom of choice when it comes to my body is the only way to go.

Ooookay. Got on a rant there, huh? I'll just stick my nose in the coffee beans and calm down now.

I'm kind of in the mood to take a walk. WHAT? Who said that? I'm just talkin' crazy now. I'd better go.

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  1. I totally agree with you about Rosie and Jack. What happened to Rosie anyway? When she had her own show, she was so funny and nice. Now she's all bitter and loud and pushy! I'm almost embarrassed for her.


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